Weak immune system from neglect of tooth brushing

Causes and remedies for bleeding gums
Causes and remedies for bleeding gums

Double brushing eliminates cavities and bad breath, as well as the risk of many other diseases.

It is not possible to find people who have not been advised to brush their teeth twice. Even then, many do not.
According to a report published in a medical website on the basis of medical information, brushing the teeth twice eliminates cavities and bad breath as well as controls the risk of many other diseases. A soft ’tissue’ called ‘biological width’ protects the base of each tooth. This protective shield maintains a healthy immune system by preventing germs from entering the body from the teeth.

So to get good oral health and better immunity, you need to keep your mouth clean. There are several parts to this work. First of all, eating habits must be healthy so that diseases can be avoided. In addition, if there are more nutrients in the diet and less sugar, the ingredients for making plaque will be less in the mouth.

What is plaque?

Plaque is a by-product of oral bacteria, food and beverage sugars, and so on. That is why teeth decay and various gum diseases occur.

According to the American Dental Association, everyone should brush their teeth twice, with floss. Those who have diabetes or any other disease related to immunity should also use more toothbrushes and floss.

While two minutes of brushing teeth is enough for adults, it is too much for children.

So if you want to play while brushing the children, encourage them without interruption. In addition, everyone should consult a dentist at least twice a year.

Consequences of not brushing regularly

Bacterial inflammation of the mouth can occur if toothbrushes and doctor’s advice are not taken regularly. These bacteria will then enter the bloodstream through the mouth through infected gums or tooth decay or broken parts.

This will activate the body’s immune system and secrete T-reactive protein (CPR) from the liver.

The immune system responds to any inflammation. However, if this material is constantly excreted, health problems can occur.

Inflammation of the mouth Bacterial inflammation can lead to the continuous secretion of T-reactive protein (CPR).

Those are at higher risk

Adults are considered to have a higher risk of tooth decay.

However, experts say, “About 40 percent of children suffer from tooth decay before they are admitted to school. And that is why their risk of many other diseases increases in the future. Therefore, the habit of brushing teeth twice a day should be adopted with special importance. ”

What to do in baby dental care

Newborn dental care should start from the very beginning. Before germination, the gums should be wiped with a damp cloth to prevent harmful bacteria from damaging the gums.

As they get older, they need to develop the habit of brushing their teeth, so that the issues of oral care become natural in adulthood.

It will be easier for children to develop the habit if they can make brushing their teeth fun. You can buy special brushes and toothpaste for them.


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