vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms

vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms
vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms

vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms : Is there enough vitamin B-12 in the body? But many do not. And this deficit becomes a serious problem. Vitamin B-12 works a lot for the body. It helps make your DNA and red blood cells. Since the body cannot make vitamin B-12 on its own, you need to get it from animal foods, or from some other type of supplement. And you need to eat vitamin B-12 rich food regularly. Exactly how much vitamin B-12 you need, and where you get it from, depends on a few factors. For example, your age, your eating habits, your medical condition and in some cases, what medications you need to take.

Causes of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency:

If something is present in you, vitamin B-12 deficiency may occur. E.g.

Atrophic Gastritis; This makes the layers of your stomach thinner

Pernicious Anemia; This makes it difficult for your body to absorb vitamin B-12. Surgery that removes part of your stomach or small intestine (e.g., weight loss surgery). Things that affect the small intestine, such as Crohn’s disease, intestinal disease, bacterial overgrowth, or parasites

Excessive drinking
Problems with the immune system, such as Graves’ disease
Long-term use of acid-reducing drugs. Stomach acids break down all the animal foods that contain vitamin B-12.

If you are a vegetarian but there is a possibility of vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vegetarians have been shown not to consume enough eggs or dairy foods to supplement their vitamin-12 deficiency.

Children of vegetarian mothers are also at risk of not getting adequate amounts of vitamin B-12. However, vegetarians can take vitamin B-12 supplements or vitamin B-12 rich grains.

The risk of vitamin B-12 deficiency increases with age.

vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms :

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can lead to anemia. A slight deficit may not show symptoms. But if left untreated, it can gradually take a deadly turn, with some symptoms. E.g.

  • Weakness, fatigue
  • Chest throbbing, shortness of breath
  • Pale skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Problems with constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or gas
  • Nerve problems, such as numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking
  • Decreased vision
  • Mental problems, such as depression, memory loss, or behavioral changes

If you think you have symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiency, you can apply for a blood test.

Newborns born to vegetarian mothers who are exclusively breastfed are at risk for anemia, delays in formation, weakness, and growth problems.

Treatment of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

If you have pernicious anemia, or have problems absorbing vitamin B-12, you need to do something. E.g., primary B-12 injection replacement; From then on, he will continue to take injections, high-dose medications, or nasal therapy for the rest of his life.

Suppose you do not eat animal-vegetarian foods, and you are deficient in vitamin B-12. In this case, you need to change your eating habits by taking vitamin B-12 rich grains, supplements or B-12 injections, or high dose food medicines.

Adults should take a vitamin B-12 supplement or a multivitamin rich in B-12 every day.

For most people, the disease is cured through treatment. However, if the deficiency causes neurological problems, it can take a permanent form.

Prevention of deficit problems

Most people are able to prevent vitamin B-12 deficiency by eating enough meat, poultry, seafood, dairy foods and eggs.

Suppose you do not eat animal food; Or you have a medical condition that causes your body’s ability to absorb nutrients to be somewhat limited. In this case, experts recommend breakfast with a multivitamin rich in vitamin B-12 and a diet rich in vitamin B-12.

Let your doctor know if you are taking a vitamin B-12 supplement so he can make sure it is not affecting your medication.

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