Various dental problems and symptoms

Various dental problems and symptoms
Various dental problems and symptoms

Toothache: Teeth are an invaluable resource for human beings. People chew food with the help of teeth. During chewing, saliva comes out of the mouth and mixes with food to help digestion. Toothless people cannot speak clearly and their facial expressions are damaged. Dental work is the process of swallowing food in pieces to aid digestion.

Dental anomalies, dental care, injured tooth decay, overheating, cold food, eating sweet and sour foods, and unclean germ contamination cause swelling and pain in the teeth.

Symptoms: Decay or broken part of the tooth may be seen. The base of the tooth becomes swollen and red. It seems that the flesh at the base of the teeth has increased. Acute pain / Pain spreads to the head and ear chips on that side. The intensity of the pain gradually increases. Rinsing in warm water increases the pain. Knocking on the teeth can cause bleeding.

Tooth decay / insect bites: Some of the food may stick to or around the teeth after eating. There, a bacterium called bacteria originates the acid. This acid causes small cavities in the teeth. If preventive measures are not taken, this hole will get bigger day by day. At this stage, the bad part of the affected tooth should be discarded as per the advice of the dentist and the hole should be filled properly.

Symptoms: At first, eating hot, cold and sweet or sour (acidic) food makes your teeth gnash and you feel pain. Later it turned into constant pain and became unbearable. If the decayed tooth is not treated, the tooth will be completely damaged and there will be a wound under it.

Symptoms of Wounds: Pain is felt with a gentle movement of the teeth. The base of the tooth is swollen. The whole face may swell.

Things to do in this case: 1. The cavities caused by the teeth have to be peeled with the help of a dentist. 2. If the decayed tooth is damaged, it is better to remove it.

Inflammation / pyorrhea at the base of the teeth: Germs grow in the teeth and gums due to accumulation of food and improper cleaning. Destroys the junction of the upper periosteum membrane at the base of the tooth. Germs grow in that place and cause putrid foul smelling toothache. Thus the base of the tooth becomes swollen and sometimes pus is seen. The disease is more common in people who do not eat a moderate diet.

Symptoms: Wounds at the junction of one or more gums. The base of the teeth is swollen and reddish. Sometimes irritated and the patient expresses reluctance to eat. If there is a slight injury to the flower or if it is sucked hard, blood will flow. Many times there is severe pain and the teeth are loose. There is a bad smell in the mouth and it is uncomfortable to speak. White coating falls on the wound. If you give cold water in the mouth, it makes you shiver.

Things to do in this case: 1. The hard stones formed at the base of the teeth are to be removed. Loose teeth need to be removed. 2. Every day you have to keep your face clean and massage your gums with your fingers. However, massaging with glycerin tannic acid 33% is good and the disease is cured quickly. 3. Rinsing with warm saline water 3/4 times or at least before going to bed and waking up in the morning is less likely to spread the disease.

Boils in the gums: In our daily life, due to the intake of different types of food and busyness or laziness, the teeth and mouth do not become very clean. As a result, many people have inflammation and bleeding in the gums. Prolonged neglect also worsens common diseases and damages the nervous system. Teeth clenching. One side of the tooth erupts and even looks like an insect. There are different types of germs in the human mouth. These germs usually or at all times spread the germs quickly with the help of rotten food accumulated in the gaps between the teeth. These germs are called dental plaques or sugars or bacterial plaques. The germs in the coating are capable of producing acids. Foods that stick to the teeth produce local acids with the help of sugars. Gradually this acid erodes the tooth enamel and similarly germs come into the bone just below the tooth and form pus.

Symptoms: Severe pain in the affected teeth and swelling of the jaw and mouth. There is a lot of heat when you touch the swollen part of the affected tooth. The whole part of the affected part, the chip hurts in pain. Fever comes up to 104F due to pain. At one point, the skin of the cheeks ruptures in the gums or lower jaw and pus comes out. Complications arise even when the irritating pain subsides.

Things to do in this case: 1. The pus has to be cleaned thoroughly and drainage has to be done and dressing has to be done every day.

Swollen gums and gingivitis: This disease is usually seen on the unclean face. The disease is more common in people who cannot eat a moderate diet.

Symptoms: There is a lesion at the junction of one or more gums. Irritated mouth and reluctance to eat. White coating may fall on the wound. Bleeding may occur easily and the patient may have bad breath. Saliva in the mouth increases and the patient feels uncomfortable.

Healthy rules for keeping teeth clean: Tooth decay and gum disease are caused due to accumulation of food in the teeth and gums. People with this disease should be advised about the rules of cleaning teeth. So that they do not face difficulties in the future. Proper cleaning of teeth and gums can help prevent gum swelling. Except for people with dental disease, everyone should be advised to keep their teeth clean regularly. Because ‘prevention is better than cure’. Brush and toothpaste: Toothbrush and toothpaste are good for cleaning teeth. If used properly, teeth are also a great thing. Brush or toothpaste can be used instead of toothpaste. It is best to brush your teeth after breakfast and before going to bed at night. It is better to brush your teeth once after lunch.

How to brush your teeth: Always start brushing your teeth from inside or outside gums. So that each tooth is rubbed at least 10 times. Then rinse well with water at least 3 times to get rid of all the dirt.


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