Too much sleep is dangerous for health

Too much sleep is dangerous for health
Too much sleep is dangerous for health

Tell me how many times you have heard the advice to sleep well at night! If you do not sleep properly at night, the body becomes bad, as well as age spots on the face, the skin becomes dull, depression can occur. But you know, just as less sleep is bad for the body, more sleep is a problem. For those who have a habit of sleeping nine to ten hours a day or more, many diseases can take up residence in their body. There is weight gain, it can be accompanied by headaches, back pain. Even serious illnesses like diabetes or heart disease can settle in the body. There are also many examples of people suffering from depression due to excessive sleep.

Why do we sleep more?

Generally, six to eight hours of sleep per night is considered normal. Sleeping for nine to ten hours or more is definitely a sign of excess sleep. Just as there are a number of specific reasons behind lack of sleep or insomnia, excess sleep can also be caused by some physical problem. Excessive sleep can be caused by thyroid, heart problems, sleep apnea, depression. Excessive sleep is also caused by the effects of certain medications. Although they have been suffering from constant fatigue for a long time, many people fall asleep more. Again, many people sleep more because of irregular lifestyle, without any physical reason. So if you have such a problem, then first of all you have to find out the cause and focus on fixing it. Just as he has to be treated if he has a physical cause, he also needs to be corrected if he gets more sleep just because of his habits or lifestyle.

How to stop sleeping too much?

If there is no physical illness behind your excessive sleep, then you can follow some general tips. With a little change in habits and sleep patterns, you can get rid of too much sleep.

Adhere to a specific sleep routine
Go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time in the morning. If you can do it regularly for some time, the body will become accustomed, certain rhythm of sleep will come. Don’t break this rhythm, follow the weekend.

Create a conducive environment for sleep
The sleeping area needs to be comfortable. Keep the house dark and cool. Switch off all electronic devices. If pillows and mattresses do not cause you discomfort, replace them.

Make a difference in your life
Some conscious habits while awake can bring your sleep routine back to normal. Control the amount of tea and coffee you eat, don’t eat it at all before going to bed. Drinking alcohol-based drinks before bed makes you feel sleepy, but it doesn’t make you sleep very well. So avoid alcohol. Instead you can drink herbal tea or light hot milk. Never exercise before going to bed.

Exclude noon sleep
Many people have the habit of giving rice to sleep after lunch. But this afternoon nap can ruin your sleep rhythm. If you are physically healthy, skip lunch. Instead, do something to prevent sleep deprivation.

Maintain slip diary
Write down in a diary every day how you are sleeping, what are the problems. Write down your habits, routines, everything. If you have a habit of sleeping during the day, write it down. This diary will be useful if you ever seek the advice of a doctor.


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