Take care of the newborn baby at home

Baby Care

How much treasure their newborns desire in every home. There is a lot of joy in everyone’s mind when a new guest arrives at the house. In this, fear also prevails again. Atti is taking proper care of the newborn? Today we are talking to a pediatrician and giving you some guidelines.

What to do after birth:

* Let the newborn baby drink breast milk

* Bathe the newborn. Of course 3 days after birth

* Take care of the baby’s navel

* Cut the newborn’s hair

* Take care of his eyes, take care of his skin.

* Give all the vaccines on time.

All the problems that may occur

* Having trouble breathing after childbirth

* The baby does not cry after birth

* Occasional convulsions

* The child becomes unconscious

* Rising body temperature

* Cooling of the body

* The body turns yellow

* Accumulation of a lot of odor or pus in the navel

* Constant vomiting

* The baby’s movement is less than normal

* Children are very weak, such as having difficulty crying, holding on for a while

What to do if you do not breathe

* Wipe the baby’s whole body very well with a clean soft cloth.

* If you have dark green stools on your nose, mouth and ears, wipe them clean with your fingers.

* Hold the baby by the side and rub the lower part of the palm of the hand repeatedly from bottom to top along the spine of the back.

* Notice the baby’s body color and breathing. If the baby’s entire face, including the lips and tongue, is pink and breathes regularly, give the baby breast milk.

If you don’t breathe, never do that

* Do not hang the newborn upside down with the head down with the legs

* Do not hit him anywhere on the body

* Do not splash cold water on the baby’s body

* Do not blow on the ears or nose

* Do not put pressure on the baby’s chest

* Do not leave the newborn while waiting for the uterus

* Drink honey or sugar water nanin and protected

Take care of the newborn baby in the heat

Under no circumstances should you use too much powder or oil on your baby’s skin, which is harmful to baby’s soft skin. Excessive use of the powder causes the hair follicles on the baby’s skin to close and the physical process to be disrupted. This can cause the baby to itch and rash. Never go out in the sun with a newborn baby. Do not sneeze or cough in front of the newborn. Keep the baby in a cool and comfortable environment. If the body is sweaty, wipe the body very gently with a dry soft cloth repeatedly. You must teach the baby cotton and soft comfortable clothes. Give the mother of the newborn baby plenty of water and fluids to eat. The baby will get adequate nutrition from the mother’s breast milk.

Newborn baby winter care

Wrap the baby in cotton cloth and soft kantha. Use sweaters more in winter. Use baby oil or lotion on baby’s skin. During the day, open all the doors and windows of the house so that the sun and fresh air can enter the house.

Baby clothes must be dried in the sun without drying them indoors. Put the baby to bed at night wearing diapers. Never place the baby in a separate cradle. Sleep with her parents. This will keep the baby warm, increase sincerity with the parents and will facilitate breastfeeding. Try not to take the baby out of the house. If you want to sunbathe, lie down by the window of the house or get a bed on the veranda of the house. Consult a doctor immediately if you have a cough, wheezing, inability to suckle, and your baby’s ribs are bent with breathing.

There are many small things that you can do to protect your darling daughter.


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