Simple pregnancy tests at home.

pregnancy tests
pregnancy tests

Pregnancy is a special and unique period in every woman’s life. Before conceiving, people plan a lot and get involved with a lot more. Pregnancy means you are ready to bring a new life to this world. Are you ready to take on this huge responsibility? You need to be strong enough physically, mentally, socially and financially to make this decision. How do you know if you are pregnant at an early stage? There are some pregnancy strips available in the store, you can buy and use those strips from the store to get instant results. However, there are some pregnancy tests that you can do at home, and these methods have been around for generations, and are still very popular. Maybe not all of those methods are scientific, but many have been proven true.

Now, sudden vomiting and nausea are not enough to detect pregnancy. There are some pregnancy tests that you can do at home. These tests confirm the presence of the hormone HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin), which is the most important indicator of pregnancy. Also, the initial symptoms of missed periods, swelling and tenderness of the breasts, nausea, etc. also determine whether you are pregnant or not. So, what are some home remedies for pregnancy tests? Here are some of them, let’s take a look.

Pregnancy tests at home with the help of sugar.

This is one of the most accurate pregnancy tests done at home. Collect the first urine in the morning. Now take one table of urine in a container. Take one tablespoon of sugar in it. If the sugar lumps, then the result is positive. And if the sugar melts, you are not pregnant.

Stored Urine Pregnancy Tests:

Collect the first urine in the morning and leave it untouched for at least 4 hours. If you see a white lining on it, then there is a possibility of pregnancy. If your urine is still clear after this period, you are not pregnant.

Pregnancy tests with vinegar

Always, pregnancy test should be done with the first urine in the morning. Pour in the collected urine with white vinegar. If the mixture changes color, you are pregnant.

Toothpaste Pregnancy tests:

Take some toothpaste in a container and pour the collected urine in it. If the color of the toothpaste turns blue or the toothpaste becomes foamy, then you are pregnant. This is one of the easiest ways to detect pregnancy.

Bleaching powder test :.

When looking for a way to get a pregnancy test at home, try the bleaching powder test once. In a bowl, mix the urine and bleaching powder. If you see the mixture becoming fennel, you can share the good news with your family members.

Test with mustard powder

There are other reasons why you may not have your period or period on time. At home, you can be sure of the results by testing with mustard powder. Soak yourself in a mixture of mustard powder and hot water for a while. If your period does not start in 2-3 days, then you are pregnant.

Pregnancy test with baking soda:

It is a kitchen ingredient, which helps you identify your pregnancy. Mix urine with baking soda in a bowl. If you see that the mixture is becoming chubby like chickpeas, then you understand that you are pregnant.

Test with dandelion leaves

This is an easy way to do a pregnancy test at home. Take the dandelion leaf in a container and collect the first urine in the morning and pour it in such a way that the leaf is completely submerged. Now notice within a minute if you can see the red swollen spots on the leaves. If so, you can be sure to share the good news.

Does Toothpaste Pregnancy Tests at home Really Work?

Pregnancy is an exciting and joyful experience for all women. They look forward to confirming the pregnancy. This can be confirmed at home at an early stage. However, now pregnancy test kits are also available in the neighborhood pharmacy. But according to Google Trends, a large number of women now take pregnancy tests themselves. And this method is toothpaste pregnancy test. How this method works: Take a small amount of toothpaste in a container and mix the urine collected in the morning. If the color of the toothpaste turns blue or the toothpaste becomes foamy, then you are pregnant. If it does not change color then it is negative. This is one of the easiest ways to detect pregnancy.

No clear idea has been found as to when the toothpaste pregnancy test was introduced. However, a recent website says that women have been using this method for pregnancy tests since ancient times, when pregnancy tests were not available at pharmacies. Scientists and medical experts do not encourage women to take this method too seriously. Last May, pharmacist Stuart Gall told the Huffington Post that toothpaste became foamy because of the acid in the urine. He added that the higher the amount of acid in the urine, the more foam will rise from the toothpaste.

Doctors have advised to take another method instead of toothpaste pregnancy test. “Pregnant women have less acid in their urine, so when the urine is completely mixed with the toothpaste, it starts to foam,” she said. So many women cannot be completely sure if she is pregnant.

Doing a pregnancy tests at home? Find out this information

A home pregnancy test is a quick method to help a woman understand if she is going to be a mother. These pregnancy kits are available in many pharmacies. If a woman has a late menstrual period, this kit can tell if she is pregnant by checking her urine.

However, if these kits give a positive result, you still need to confirm by contacting a doctor and then start taking pregnancy services. It is advised to stop smoking and taking various drugs at this time.

Not only that, in many cases, if the matter of pregnancy is caught through these kits, the woman can also decide on abortion by talking to the doctor.

In the past, pregnancy tests could only be done with the help of doctors and nurses. It also took more time to get the results of these much more complex tests. A woman’s urine was sampled, inserted into the body of a rabbit, frog, or rat, and then levels of the human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone were detected from the animal’s reproductive system. This hormone is only present in pregnant women.

The first home pregnancy test kits were introduced in the 1970s. A urine sample had to be given and results could be obtained after two hours. These test kits are now more readily available. They usually measure the levels of the hormone hCG in the urine. The production of this hormone from the placenta or umbilical cord begins soon after the fertilized egg takes up position in the uterus.

When to test?

Many people take the test right after the period or menstrual period. But if you do this test one week after missing the period, you can get clear results.

How to use?

The test strip is usually dipped in a cup of urine sample or placed on the strip with a dropper. Or you can hold this strip while working in the bathroom. The results are available a few minutes later. Some companies say they can get 99 percent accurate results from this test. But is it really the right result?
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How do you know if the results are correct?

Each test kit may be given one way results. There may be plus or minus signs, one or two lines may come up, the color may change, or the text may be “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

It is often seen that the level of hCG in the body is so low that it is not detected in the test as a result of testing immediately after missing the period. As a result the test may show negative even though she is actually pregnant. Some medications can also cause incorrect test results. However, the results do not vary due to common medications such as birth control pills, painkillers or antibiotics.

Here are some tips to pregnancy tests at home

1) Read the instructions in the pregnancy kit package carefully and follow them properly.

2) Do this test when urinating for the first time in the morning.

3) It may be necessary to re-test. If you think you are pregnant but the test result is negative, try again after a few days or a week.

4) If you test immediately after missing the period, there is a possibility of getting the wrong result because the body still does not produce enough hCG.



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