Side effects of rice water on hair

Side effects of rice water on hair
Side effects of rice water on hair

Nowadays it has become very popular to use rice water on the hair for various benefits. But this cannot be taken lightly.It is not a scientifically proven method.Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that it will not have negative or unwanted effects. Because health and our appearance are so important, this time I will talk to you about the side effects of rice water on hair and benefits of rice water for hair

Have any side effects of rice water on hair ?

side effects of rice water on hair: Rice water can be used in many ways. As a conditioner, as a shampoo, as a remedy for curly hair, etc. But even if there are no contraindications, this remedy could dry out the hair.

Therefore, people with dry scalps should not overuse rice water. In fact, it is recommended to use the remedy no more than once or twice a week.

On the other hand, many people recommend keeping rice water in the refrigerator, ensuring that it can last up to a week and will enhance its properties. But this is completely false and will cause unwanted effects.

If you decide to use more than two days old fermented rice water, it could leave your hair too harsh and a musty odor on it.

As we mentioned before, this method has a “drying effect”. So after applying the remedy it is important to hydrate the hair again. Otherwise, it could become very fragile.

Lastly, this is a regular method, requiring some “discipline” and you won’t see results for about a month. If you forget things easily or find it difficult to schedule treatment for the next week, you should avoid it.

Is it worth using rice water in your hair or is it a waste of time?

prepare rice water

Rice water is rich in vitamins B and C, but it also contains other important elements such as manganese, selenium, zinc, magnesium, iodine, potassium and fiber. So it is a good combination that allows to nourish the follicles and repair the cells that have been damaged.

In other words, it has antioxidant properties, making it ideal for removing toxins that build up on the scalp. What helps prevent premature alopecia and gray hair, common signs of aging.

Is it worth using rice water?

Regularly using rice water in your hair can have many benefits, both for your skin and for your hair. For example, it can eliminate dandruff, stimulate hair growth, strengthen strands, improve its appearance and revitalize it.

As such, using rice water on your hair is not a dangerous thing, but it does require some discipline. However, if you do things right and follow the recommendations we have given you.

you can have excellent results for your hair and scalp.

Benefit of using rice water on curly hair

Curly hair is generally brittle and / or very dry. But rice water contains a protein that penetrates the hair to improve its condition, making it softer and more manageable.

However, you have to know how to apply it to avoid having unwanted effects of using rice water on your hair. The best thing will be to apply for about 15 to 30 minutes so that the hair becomes completely wet, in this way it will be able to start absorbing the properties and little by little. after each session the effects will remain after washing.

How to prepare rice water for good results?

Hair Care Tips

dangers of using on hair

On the web you can find many ways to prepare rice water, but here we will show you the two most effective. The best part is that only two ingredients are needed, water and of course rice.

Rice soaked in water

This is an ideal method for those who are very busy and do not have much time available. So they need a quick but effective treatment.

The preparation is very simple, you should take a cup of raw rice and wash it well.
Then add 2 or three glasses of water and let it sit for 30 minutes and then just strain the water into a clean container.

Boiled rice water

This method can be diluted before rinsing the hair. The concentration of the dilution strictly depends on the length of the hair and the fat. Generally it is 1:10, but the more greasy the hair, the lower the concentration should be.

Main benefits of rice water for hair

One of the main benefits of rice water for hair is that it strengthens it and encourages its growth.

Rice water can also reduce friction between strands and increase their elasticity.

This is because rice is rich in inositol; a simple carbohydrate from animal and plant tissue. It is also a vitamin of group B.

Other powerful ingredients in rice include: amino acids, vitamin B, E, minerals and antioxidants.

Read on to learn how to use rice water as a conditioner once a week and what its benefits are.

Firstly, the use of rice water on hair comes from the Heian period (794 to 1185 CE) in Japan, whose women had long hair down to the ground.

Today, women from the Huangluo Yao tribe in China are famous for having hair 6 feet long. They do not appear gray hair until they are 80 years old, and it is due to the rice water.

Thanks to this evidence, the use of rice water has become very popular, since we all want natural remedies.

In addition to encouraging hair growth, rice water strengthens hair, detangles, softens strands and gives them shine.

How to use rice water as a rinse

Rice water should be used when washing hair and as a conditioner replacement.

First of all, wash your hair with hydrated and natural shampoo. We recommend using a product without as many chemicals as Pro Pure Light Moisture Shampoo.

As its name implies, this shampoo is pure and has no sulfates, dyes.

Next, rinse the shampoo thoroughly with warm tap water, and then apply the rice water to all of your hair.

Next, massage the rice water into the strands and scalp and let it take effect for 20 minutes.

Finally, rinse your hair with cold tap water and you’re done. If you want a long-lasting effect, leave the water on your hair for 24 hours.

We recommend applying this rinse at least once a week so you can see the difference in your strands.

Today we discussed in this article about Side effects of rice water on hair and benefits of rice water for hair

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