Did you know that petroleum jelly is so useful to you?

petroleum jelly
petroleum jelly

A very simple looking white box with a more plain blue lid. Inside the container is a colorless, odorless, white solid oily object. When the stock of Cream Lotion Moisturizer did not come in the market, this white couture was the only hope for skin care at that time. Whether it was cracked ankles in winter, dry elbow care or cracked lips all year round, the responsibility of taking care of everything was on the white box, which is called petroleum jelly.

However, the old rice leads to rice! So despite the colorful perfume moisturizers, serums, face creams, petroleum jelly was not cornered. Rather, he has been able to hold his place. His regular presence in many homes. Many people still use jelly when their hands and feet are dry and their lips are cracked. But did you know that not only that, you can do a lot more with your ever-familiar jelly? Surprised? If so, keep reading.

petroleum jelly to make the perfume lasting

Rub a little jelly on the pulse points before applying the perfume of choice. The smell will stay for a long time.

petroleum jelly to tame disobedient hair

Some hair is flying in the face? Rub a little jelly on your fingers and rub it on your hair. You can also use petroleum jelly to shape your eyebrows.

As a domestic highlighter

There is no need for highlighter to bring extra brightness to the face! If you dab very little jelly on the high points of the face, the face will look smooth and bright.

petroleum jelly to remove stains

Makeup stains on the clothes? Soak a thin cotton cloth and rub a little jelly on the stain. The stain will go away quickly.

As a makeup remover

Why go for expensive makeup remover with jelly on hand? Apply jelly well on the face, then wipe with a cotton ball. Lipstick, mascara, everything will go up in an instant. Even waterproof makeup can instantly remove petroleum jelly.

Wear the perfect nail polish

Going to wear nail polish on the nails sticks out of the nails, nothing is perfect? In this case, apply a little petroleum jelly on the skin around the nails before you start applying nail polish. In that case, even if the color fades, it will not stick to the skin, if you wipe it lightly, it will rise and your nail polish finish will be perfect!


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