Natural beauty treatments at home

Natural beauty treatments at home
Natural beauty treatments at home

beauty treatments at home : Nowadays, when you hear about the price of cosmetics, you get scared. And let alone price, chemical cosmetics are not free from side effects. But you can also easily make your look unique with the ingredients used in curry and everyday food. The cost is low, and there are no side effects.

Top 3 beauty treatments at home

1. Flour
A. Kitchen flour can be very helpful in taking care of your skin. Whatever the skin type, flour works well for all skin types. Take 1 tablespoon of clean flour and mix it with raw cow’s milk, a little raw turmeric paste and apply it on the face and leave it for 10/15 minutes and then wash your face.

B. Boil the flour in water and apply it on the face like a paste. Sesame spots on the face become much lighter.

C. You can clean your face like soap by taking flour like besan and pasting it with water and applying it on your face.

D. Mix flour and raw turmeric with milk cream and apply it on the face and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

2. Yellow
The quality of turmeric cannot be described. The role of turmeric in beauty treatments at home. In the past, grandparents also used turmeric. He also ate raw turmeric juice for various diseases. Turmeric also contributes a lot in home remedies. Many face packs are made with raw turmeric. Many have pale white skin color. If they take a bath every day by mixing olive oil with a little raw yellow beet and rubbing it on the body, hands and feet, you will see that there is no pale feeling. A beautiful golden color is coming on the body. You can also mix milk cream with raw turmeric.

Yellow hair follicle, regular hair does not increase body hair. Waxing works well. In the old days, mothers and grandmothers used to make pills with raw yellow butter and keep them dry in the sun. Then he ate on a stale stomach every day. It would not be a fault of the stomach, the liver would be good. It does not cause liver spots on the face. Fruits are also found in many female diseases. The donation of turmeric for health and beauty is incomparable as the blood is purified by eating raw turmeric with sugarcane molasses on an empty stomach.

3. Eggs
Eggs play an incomparable role in beauty treatments at home. Washing the head with eggs, egg packs are used for different skin types. The beauty of the face comes back in the pack of eggs. Egg yolk pack is very good for dry skin.

A few packs of eggs for dry skin:

A. Egg yolk + half a teaspoon of olive oil + a few drops of lemon juice. After washing the face with this pack for 15 to 20 minutes, first wash your face with lukewarm water and then with cold water, it will be very good for the skin.

B. Mix half a teaspoon of egg yolk and almond oil or olive oil with it and leave it on the face for 15 minutes. First wash the yolk with warm water and then with cold water. Usually no need to plant more than 2/3 days a week. This will refresh your skin.

4. Rose water
People who don’t know rose water can’t be found. Say marriage home, say milad mahfil, say beauty – there is a demand for rose water. I want rose water for cooking. This water is made from the extract of rose flower. Rose water is needed to make water fragrant. Mix equal amount of rose water with glycerin and apply it on the lips so that the lips do not crack and the color of the lips becomes beautiful. You can make your own skin-freshener tonic with rose water. Half a cup of rose water, a lemon juice, a drop of honey mixed together became a skin-freshener tonic. This tonic can be applied on the face with cotton twice a day. Those who have rough facial skin can wash their face well at night and apply glycerin on the face, hands and feet with the same amount of rose water. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water. It will not have a rough look on the face and the skin will be soft.

5. Honey
The quality of honey cannot be described in detail. Honey and milk are called the blessings of heaven. Honey is very beneficial for the skin. Many face packs are made with honey. When a few drops of honey and raw milk are mixed together, the color of the face becomes bright, soft and smooth.
Make a face pack by mixing honey and besan together and leave it on the face for 15/20 minutes. After washing it with lukewarm water and then cold water, the skin of the face becomes very beautiful and smooth.

Put a few drops of honey + a few drops of lemon juice + 1 teaspoon of carrot juice + 1 teaspoon of gram dal besan together as a paste and leave it on the face for 20/30 minutes and wash it off with normal water. You will see that the face will become smooth and soft. This pack is beneficial for dry and normal skin.

Even if you eat honey, you can get relief from various diseases. Honey is expectorant. Eating 1 teaspoon of honey every day does not make you feel cold. Honey is used in many Ayurvedic treatments. Regular consumption of a few drops of honey with bask leaf juice is good for sleep.

6. Baking soda
Baking soda is used in many dishes like bread, biscuits, hotpot etc. But many may not know that it is also used for beauty or cleansing. Brush the silver jewelry with a little baking soda and you will see that it is becoming shiny. Yellowish look on the teeth of many people. If they take a little baking soda on the toothbrush brush, you will see that the teeth have become shiny like pearls. However, this method you do not go to Rose. This will damage the gums.

It is not just the potatoes that are used in cooking and food. The contribution of potato in beauty is not less. Many people use various things to lighten their complexion. They may not know that using potatoes can brighten the body color. Cut the round potato into round pieces with the peel, soak it in cold water for a while, then take it out of the water, rub it on the hands, feet, mouth and throat and wash it after a while. If you do it regularly, you will see that the color of the skin has become brighter.

8. Carrots
Carrots have a special role in beauty. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and carotene. Eating one raw carrot every day will not make your body deficient in Vitamin-A. It is beneficial for both eyes and skin. Our country has a lot of carrots in winter and the prices are very low. So you can take lots of vitamins cheaply. Playing carrots also makes teeth shiny. The color of the skin is pale. The closet is clean. The hair does not fall out. Increases hair shine. Remember, vitamin A is very important for the beauty of the skin and you can get it from carrots in small quantities. In other words, when you eat carrots, your skin, eyes, teeth and lips

Hair- All the organs are benefiting. You can also make a beautiful face pack with carrots. This pack is very beneficial for combination skin.

Learn how to make packs For beauty treatments at home :

Make a paste with 1 tablespoon or your quantity of gram dal besan + carrot juice + a few drops of olive oil, apply it on the face and leave it for 15/20 minutes, then wash it in lukewarm water and then in cold water. You can make another face pack with carrots. This pack is beneficial for both normal and dry skin.

Mix 1 (finely chopped) carrot + 2 teaspoons cow’s milk + 1 teaspoon besan and apply it on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off. Regular consumption of raw carrots will increase immunity.

Pick up half of a coconut and mix it well with half a cup or a cup of hot water, mix it with clean milk, a paper lemon juice, cut it on the scalp, massage it well on the skin, leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair in warm water. Doing this method once a week will stop hair growth. Even then, if the hair grows, you have to take vitamins and iron. Lack of calcium also causes hair to grow. That is why you can take calcium on the advice of a doctor.

9. Flour
Flour is available in every home kitchen. The flour used to make a form of exercise that you can be a beautiful woman. Instead of soap, you can mix flour in water and take a bath with your hands, feet and face. Mix flour + raw turmeric paste + milk cream and apply it gently on the hands, feet and face, first in lukewarm water and then in cold water. If you wash it in cold water, you will see that the skin color becomes brighter in a few days.

10. Onion
Onions have a huge role in beauty. There is no pair of onion to cure many diseases. Raw onions contain vitamin-B and vitamin-C. Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of raw onion juice and ginger juice with equal amount of heat to relieve new cold. If mucus constantly falls from one’s nose like thin water, then the mucus becomes thick by frying raw onion and ginger in a little oil. Raw onion juice acts as a remedy for dandruff. Moreover, with a little bit of mustard along with raw onion, if Billy cuts off the head, new hair grows.

11. Cucumber
The quality of cucumber cannot be described. Cucumber is used in cooking, eating and drinking as well as beauty treatment.
A. If there is any black spot on the face, apply the juice of young cucumber on the face and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off in cold water. In this way, if you apply it regularly for some time, the stain will go away.

B. After a few drops of lemon juice with cucumber juice is dried on the face and washed in cold water, the color of the face becomes bright and soft. But you have to do it regularly for a while.

C. It is often seen that many people have black spots under the eyes. Regular application of cucumber juice will remove this stain.

D. Remember that if you want to be fair, you can mix a few drops of lemon juice with regular cucumber juice and apply it on your face, hands and face regularly to lighten your complexion or you can cut the cucumber into thin slices and rub it on your face. Afterwards, wash it in cold water. Cucumber is very beneficial for oily skin. However, applying lemon juice on raw acne causes spots. Only cucumber juice is good for him.

E. If you want to protect your face from the sun, remove scars from the face and get rid of dirt, you can make a face pack with the help of cucumber, leave it for 25/30 minutes, wash it first with hot water and then with cold water. It will keep the skin shiny, smooth and soft for the whole day and will also get rid of various germs from outside.

Now find out how to make the pack. Cut a young cucumber into thin slices and mix it with raw egg yolk, one tablespoon of powdered milk and mix it in a mixer or blender and rub it on the face, neck and hands. If you don’t have a blender, mix it well by hand.

12. Coconut and juniper coconut

A. Coconut water contains 19 minerals. Playing at least two dabs a day increases the softness of the skin.
B. When it is spring, wash your face with young coconut water and the stain goes away.

C. If you have acne scars on your face, wash them with coconut water and the scars will go away.

D. Soak a little cotton in coconut water and apply it on the face and let it dry. Then gently rub your face with your hands. It will leave a beautiful bright expression on the face. Facial skin will be soft and smooth.
Grandmothers used to wash their hair with coconut. As the brightness of the hair increased, so did the hair. Many times the old coconut is spoiled. After rubbing the scalp on the scalp without leaving this rotten coconut, after washing the scalp for an hour and drying the hair, you will see that the hair has become like oil. Coconut is quite beneficial in hair care.

13. Tomatoes
Lots of tomatoes are available in our country in winter. At this time the price is also low. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin-C. So eating raw tomatoes is very beneficial. Tomatoes contain vitamin-B. Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C These are quite beneficial for the skin. You can easily beautify yourself by eating tomatoes and making face packs.

How to make a face pack for Natural beauty treatments at home

How to make a face pack for Natural beauty treatments at home

Mix 2 teaspoons of glycerin, 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, 4 teaspoons of olive oil with three medium tomato juices and make a pack. Apply it well on the face, neck and hands and leave it for 15/20 minutes and wash it off in cold water. See how beautiful the face looks.

Best 16 Natural beauty treatments at home

14. Cabbage
Cabbage contains Vitamin-B, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C. Cabbage also contains vitamin K. Vitamin K is especially helpful in blood clotting. Vitamin K is essential for bone formation and nutrition in the body.

Preparation: With the help of cabbage, we can easily soften the skin of the face. First extract the juice with two or three clean cabbage leaves. Now mix 1 / 4th of 1 teaspoon of yeast with it and mix 1 teaspoon of honey with it and make it like a thick paste, apply it on all the face and leave it for 15 minutes, first wash it with lukewarm water, then wash it with cold water. You can also make beautiful skin-freshener tonic with the help of cabbage with your own hands.

First clean and wash a few fresh cabbage leaves, boil the crushed coffee in 1 cup of water, boil it well and strain the water well. Your skin-freshener is ready. Wash your face well with besan or soap, wash it with a little cotton, soak it in water, apply it all over your face, hands and feet and let it dry. Do not wipe the face. It will lose its quality. Do not give hot water. Let it cool. Use the day you make it. Don’t stale.

15. Lettuce leaves
Like cabbage, lettuce leaves also contain vitamin-C. There is also manganese. Lettuce is digestive. So it is very good to eat lettuce leaves. We use lettuce in salads. Lettuce can also be used to make skin-freshener tonic. You can make a skin-freshener tonic at home in winter. Like cabbage, lettuce can be crushed, boiled in water, boiled well, sifted and when it is cold, you can apply it on your face, hands and feet with cotton.

16. Pea grains
Peas also contain various vitamins. We all love to eat peas. Peas can also be used to make beautiful face packs. For oily skin you can make beautiful face pack with the help of peas. Peas can be processed and used for many days.

Preparation: Soak one cup of peas in cow’s milk overnight. The next day, take it out of the milk and dry it. You can grind this dried pea in a grinder or put it in a sieve. When needed, you can mix it with some water and apply it on the face like a paste. Leave it on your face for about 15 minutes and wash it off. This pack is very useful for acne.

16. Mint leaves
Mint leaf chutney is very interesting. And this mint leaf form is also one of the ingredients for the fourth. Oily face has one or two pimples all the time. And there is no pair of mint leaves to fix it. Its yield is higher during the winter and is more or less available in the market throughout the year.

Now find out its use in beauty treatment-
First just take the leaves from the mint tree. Wash it well, make it like a paste and apply it on your face at night. Wash your face the next morning. After applying it for a month, you will see that you do not have acne on your face. There are no stains.


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