Best Urban Clothing for men’s fashion styles

men's fashion styles
men's fashion styles

Urban clothing was formed to break all trends and handle day-to-day work. This urban fashion is necessary to walk, go to the movies, go to high school and in general be comfortable and free all the time. This fashion mixes different criteria where we use the most current as a unique stamp. Thus, we can combine colors, textures, gradients and we can adapt it to any season. We just have to be imaginary and not combine loaded outfit. Based on this that we have just explained, we present the 6 styles of urban clothing for men’s fashion styles.

1. Streetwear Urban Clothing men’s fashion styles

Many people have been wondering where Streetwear originates from, whether it is just a word or was actually created as part of many styles. If we talk a little about history, we can say that this movement was generated in the United States with the search for different outfits than what was usually seen in the 90s. This taste is a mixture of (graffiti, rockpunk, skate, hiphop) , and what he sought was to create fashion without showing off, giving priority to the comfort and trends seen in the streets, blocks and avenues.

Nowadays, thanks to the large niche in the market for physical and online stores that you can find on social networks, it is not necessary to have a well-known brand to achieve wearing this outfit, but if you want to start with the basics, we recommend these clothing.

Keys to keep in mind:

Sweaters and classic sweatshirts.
Basic Jean.
Uniform color slippers.

2. Urban Clothes Urban Chic Style.

This urban class is ideal and has become one of the biggest trends of the last 2 years. Part of the point of creating varied combinations in your clothes, with the aim of being original and modern.

This look allows you to be ready for a casual meeting, work appointments and even to be at a party, its versatility is what manages to be the size of any occasion.

Keys to keep in mind:

Polos or shirts will be the base of your outfit, in the case of polo do not worry about the design, you are free to use from a basic to one with a print. In the case of the shirt, aesthetics are intended to be a full color.

Skinny jeans, ripped and uniform pants of any color are ideal for this class. Today these garments can be found in any store as they have been a trend for a long time.

Finally, we have sneakers that will break and give us a relaxed look, but with a lot of class. Don’t forget that you can accompany this urban style with a watch or glasses.

3. Rocker Style Urban Clothing.

For those ’80s and’ 90s lovers, you can now apply those details with today’s modern menswear. Next, we will indicate some of them.

The flagship of this urban class is the leather jacket. The rocker or rock style should continue to denote rebellion, so a patterned polo shirt or a patterned jacket may also be suitable. The dark garment is generally what predominates most in outfits.

Keys to keep in mind:

Simply for a good torn or dark colored jean and the ideal use of shoes or ankle boots.

4. Urban Casual Men’s Clothing For men’s fashion styles

When we talk about casual style, we are also talking about urban clothing and what it represents as a goal. “Casual” comes from “chance”, this means that it does not have specific requirements in your way of dressing. People who choose their outfit to go shopping or to go for a coffee, it is casual style and it is urban clothing.

To be successful in this class, we must follow the following requirements:

Using neutral colors as a primary factor.
Bet on accessories such as caps, hats, scarves.
Be yourself and transmit it in your outfit.

Keep in mind that a simple jean, a basic polo and a shirt or sweatshirt, are some garments that are part of the casual.

5- Chainsmokers Urban Clothes, modern pop culture.

This taste is very current and is the last thing that came strong last season in urban clothing. It was promoted as a strategy by a renowned brand with the collaboration of the musical group The Chainsmokers and the main feature is the combination of pieces from the 90s and the modern year.

As a proposal to take this class they propose:

Sports jackets.
Checked shirts.
Classic Pants.

6- Skate Style Urban Clothes.

The skateboarding trend has been positioned in the world for many years and we can see young people very often with this urban clothing proposal. We can rate this class on a scale of 10 since it is one of the pioneers of clothing (between 2001 – 2002).

These are the main features for you to wear this style:

Flexible jeans or shorts, since skater fashion makes use of practices in sports with the board, so they must have comfort to do jumps.

Sweatshirts and kangaroos, with print depending on the season (weather).

Wristbands, caps, chullos, are a fundamental part of its accessories to further identify the sport.

Thick, round-toed sneakers.


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