Learn 15 effective ways to cure toothache

Learn 15 effective ways to cure toothache
Learn 15 effective ways to cure toothache

There aren’t many people who haven’t had a toothache. There is nothing to fear even if the toothache starts suddenly. Toothache can be treated at home. Here are the tips to take home treatment for toothache now-

Causes of toothache

The main cause of toothache is dental caries. Tooth decay usually causes a hole in a part of the tooth and causes toothache. Other causes of toothache are wisdom tooth problems, gum infections, pus, cracked teeth due to injury, caries etc.

Not to mention the toothache started suddenly. And you can’t do anything but groan in pain at all. It is very important to go to the dentist or dentist quickly. But then how is it possible? It takes at least some time to become his master. What to do then? Find out all that. If you know some home remedies, this time will be a relief for a while. The pain will end.

(1) Cinnamon: –
Cinnamon can give relief at this time. It is rich in antibacterial and pain relieving properties. Not only does it reduce pain, but cinnamon also makes teeth stronger. For these reasons, cinnamon is very useful for teeth and gums. If you have a toothache, take a piece of cinnamon and put it on the part that is hurting. Chew lightly and swallow the cinnamon juice on the teeth for a while. After a while you will see that the pain is decreasing a lot.

(2) Salt water: –
Absolutely simple and conventional this process is actually effective. Rinse with a pinch of salt in a glass of hot water for as long as possible. If there is any germ as a cause of toothache, it will be removed. It also improves blood circulation in the gums and temporarily reduces toothache. However, do not drink this salt water. Crush and throw away.

(3) Clove: –
Place a clove on or next to the tooth that is hurting (where it hurts). You can hold this clove between the gums and the teeth or between the two jaws until the pain goes away. You can use clove oil but not more than one or two drops. You can also make a paste by mixing clove powder with water or olive oil.

(4) Ginger:
Cut a piece of ginger and chew on the tooth that is hurting. If it hurts more to chew, take the juice and ginger paste that will be made by chewing with the other side of the tooth to the affected tooth. Squeeze a little with the tongue near the teeth. After a while the pain will go away.

(5) Garlic: –
As soon as the toothache starts, start chewing a clove of garlic. The ingredients in garlic juice help reduce any inflammation. You can also make a paste by crushing garlic clove with a little salt and apply it on the teeth.

(6) Onion: –
Cut a piece of fresh and juicy onion and press it on the affected tooth. Onion juice will come in handy.

(7) Pepper: –
Yes pepper. You can make a paste with dried chilli powder and apply it on the teeth. In this case, the ingredients inside the pepper will soothe the pain in your teeth. You can also use black pepper powder.

(8) Cucumber: –
Cut the cucumber into slices and hold it in the teeth and gums. If you do not have cold sensitivity, apply cold cucumber on the gums.
Cold cucumber juice relieves toothache and gum pain quickly.

(9) Vinegar: –
Take a small amount of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar and press it on the sore spot.

(10) Mint: –
Chewing a few mint leaves in the mouth for a long time also reduces the pain.

(11) Potatoes:
Crush the raw potato and crush it a little and mix it with light salt and hold it on the sore spot.

(12) Lemon:
Lemon juice also helps in curing toothache. Cut a slice of lemon and rub it on the teeth and gums and apply lemon juice.

(13) Baking Soda: –
Soak a cotton bud / a piece of cotton in a little water and apply soda and rub it on the gums. One teaspoon of baking soda can be mixed with lukewarm water to make it at home

Chemical-free mouthwash. Another way is to use baking soda. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of hot water and rinse with it.

(14) T bags
After making the tea, hold the tea bag in the place of pain while it is still hot. The “tannin” ingredient in tea leaves relieves pain quickly.

(15) Ice
Cold ice cubes are extremely effective in curing toothache. A soft cotton cloth applied to the ice without applying ice directly to the teeth
Wrap with and rub gently on the sore spot. Cold ice relieves toothache. But remember
Do not apply ice directly to teeth or gums. The result may be the opposite.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your tooth is in pain, it means that there must be a problem inside the tooth and it cannot be cured without the help of a dentist. Don’t forget to see a doctor as these home remedies are relieving you of pain for a while. Especially if the gums are swollen, you should understand that there is an infection and see a dentist.


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