Knowing the food and ways to thicken semen

Ways to increase sperm count

What is the way to thicken semen?

Regularly eating nutritious food makes men’s semen thicker. For example, if you take milk, eggs, honey every day, you usually don’t need anything else. Many start taking the medicine directly again. Doctors don’t think he needs it either. Because men’s semen is produced directly from their food.

Ways to thicken semen

Some of the natural things that are available at our fingertips.
And if you play these regularly, the semen of the man becomes thick. Let’s see what things are-

Garlic: For those who have passed away, they can eat two cloves of garlic fried in pure ghee with butter every day. However, a little hot water or milk should be eaten at the end of the meal. You can also take 2 or 1 teaspoon of raw mango juice and eat one or two cloves of garlic paste with it. This will prolong the youth of both men and women. But keep in mind that eating extra garlic is dangerous for those whose bleeding does not stop easily. This is because garlic inhibits blood clotting.

Isupgul husk: Eat Isupgul husk with water at night while sleeping. In this way, you can understand the results by eating for seven days.

Milk, eggs and honey: Regular consumption of nutritious foods such as milk, eggs and honey makes men’s semen thicker. You will get good benefits by eating one teaspoon or less of honey after three meals a day. Doctors say that if you eat these foods regularly, you will no longer need any medicine. Because male semen is produced from food.

The following are the characteristics of different plants for thickening semen:

Alkushi – As a result of various bad habits in youth, the precious semen becomes liquid due to the loss of extra sperm. Four to five ripe seeds of Alkushi should be soaked in a cup of hot milk the night before and the next morning the seeds should be peeled off, finely chopped on a stone and lightly beaten. However, the fry should not be fried too hard. When it is cold, mix one teaspoon of Egyptian powder or the same amount of sugar and drink it once a day to thicken the liquid semen. It should be eaten for at least twenty days and 250 ml of cow’s milk as a diet. To 500 ml of the drug should be taken during the course.

Kalmi Shaak– Kalmi Shaak we almost eat. There are many qualities of this vegetable. Mix 3 teaspoons of Kalmi spinach juice and horseradish root powder (available in Kabiraji shops) with one and a half gram of cow’s milk and take it once at night while sleeping, it will thicken the semen and also stop nightmares.

Asparagus – With the onset of youth in the body, the semen becomes thinner as a result of bad habits. Moreover, the thin semen comes out easily in sleep after seeing the thoughts of ugliness and ugliness. Put 50 ml of asparagus juice in a steel container and cook 100 ml of ghee in it. Mix three grams of this ghee with half a cup of a little hot milk and drink it in the morning and in the afternoon to thicken the semen. But you also have to try to control yourself.
Latakasturi – Latakasturi seed powder one and a half grams, a glass of cold water to play with the sperm gradually increases. However, it should be eaten regularly for a month.

Jal-yamani (Chili-hinti
) – Many people ejaculate before or after urination. In this case, take the leaves of this tree and soak them in half a poya of water. Then mix a little sugar in it and drink it, the semen will be thick.

Bakul flowers – If spermatogenesis occurs due to malnutrition, take 1 teaspoon of ripe bakul fruit syrup mixed with cold water after lunch every day for 2 to 3 weeks and the semen will thicken.

Shimul tree – Seedlings will thicken the semen by rubbing the roots of Shimul tree or taking 8 to 10 grams of beet and mixing it with a little sugar twice.

If you follow any one of the above methods and take regular medicine, the semen will thicken. The union between husband and wife will be unbroken, peace will come to mind and money will live, time will live too. If you like it, give feedback.
Note: If any of the above mentioned home remedies for thickening semen do not give good results, you must consult a doctor.


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