Is hot water harmful to the skin?

Is hot water harmful to the skin
Is hot water harmful to the skin

Bathing in hot water easily removes the feeling of tiredness throughout the day. Sleep is also good. However, if you take a bath with hot water, but there are some disadvantages. The Boldsky website lists some of the causes of the damage.

Bathing with hot water relaxes the muscles and relieves anxiety; But at the same time this water makes the skin dry, rough and dull. When you use extra hot water, the skin can burn, rash, and even dry out the skin! In addition, hot water is also the reason for stopping the secretion of natural oils in the skin. However, this oil does not allow the skin to become rough, protects the skin from infection and does not allow the skin to crack. So not having this oil to preserve the skin is really harmful for the skin. And hot water is also harmful for skin proteins and fats. However, you can take a look at the tips on how to take a bath that will not damage the skin this season.

1. Cold water is always beneficial for the skin. However, it is very difficult to take a bath with cold water in winter. So use lukewarm water. This water will help you to recover without any skin damage.

2. You may take a bath for 20 minutes a day. It is not possible to take a bath for such a long time in winter. Take a maximum of 10 minutes for bath.

3. Soaps are high in alkaline substances, which make the skin extra dry. So use as little soap as you can during the winter.

4. Use moisturizer or olive oil as soon as possible after bathing before the body dries. This will keep the skin fresh and dry throughout the day.

5. You can mix one tablespoon of honey or a few drops of almond oil in the bath water. This ingredient will help retain skin moisture during the winter.

Some incredible benefits of drinking hot water

There is no substitute for drinking moderate water for good health. However, it is better to drink a little warm water.

Drinking light hot water is extremely beneficial in reducing various problems in the body. But let’s not be late and know about some incredible benefits of drinking hot water.

1. Gives out body wastes
Drinking hot water causes the body temperature to rise. The result will be sweating. Sweating will get rid of many types of body wastes. This will keep the body healthy.

2. Keeping the blood circulation normal keeps the nervous system active
Another benefit of drinking hot water is that it keeps blood circulation normal. As a result, muscles and nerves remain active. As well as breaking down excess fat these are significantly improved.

3. Will remove the impression of premature age
When body waste cannot be excreted, skin cells are destroyed. As a result, the impression of premature age falls. Hot water fixes these damaged cells and increases the elasticity of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes soft and the impression of age is removed.

4. Accelerates hair growth
Hair growth is accelerated by the activation of the nerves at the base of the hair. Hot water helps to lengthen hair by continuing daily activities.

5. Eliminates acne and pimples
Hot water keeps the skin clean by removing waste products from the body. This reduces the chances of getting acne and pimples. So those who suffer from acne problems, they should drink hot water.


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