Hyderabadi green chicken masala recipes at home


To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on the weekends, let’s make this special greenery served at the Hyderabadi festival. There is a way to make it. Needless to say, the way I cook will take the least amount of time.

All you need to make Hyderabadi Green Chicken Masala is-


Chicken- boneless or boneless- three pounds
Black pepper – one tablespoon.
Cardamom powder – one tablespoon.
Hot spice powder – one tablespoon.
Coriander powder – one tablespoon.
Ginger-garlic paste- two tablespoons.
Salt- to taste.
Lemon juice – one tablespoon.
Yogurt – two tablespoons.
Coriander leaves + mint + green chilli paste- half a cup.
Chop two onions and fry them brown + twenty pistachios + fifteen cashews + fifteen almonds – lightly stir the nuts in a dry pan and mix with the onion with a little water.

For frying, I want to crush a dried chilli, a bay leaf, an inch of cinnamon, cardamom and a few cloves.
Oil- three tablespoons.

Hyderabadi Green Chicken Masala Recipe

Keep mixing the ingredients with the chicken one by one according to the list.
Spice all the chicken very well by hand.
Marinate in a preheated container in the refrigerator for at least two hours.

Heat oil in a pan.
Add spices.
When the spices start to boil, fry the chicken with the marinated chicken on high heat for five to eight minutes so that the marinated leaves and spices cut off their rawness.
Then cook on low heat for twenty minutes with the lid on.
There is no need to mix water because the water that comes out of the yoghurt and other leaves will boil the meat.
Occasionally lift the lid and shake as the chicken can be caught for nuts.
Serve hot with rice or bread-porridge.


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