How to stop hair fall immediately at home

How to stop hair fall immediately at home
Causes of hair loss

how to stop hair fall immediately at home? Here you will find everything you need. Some of the most common causes of hair fall are mentioned in this article. But, also at the end of the article you will find some tips to avoid hair fall.

What do you need to know to start stopping hair fall?

The life cycle of each hair can last between two to six years. It has been proven that each person has around 150,000 hairs on their head. Every day, 50 to 100 hairs are lost, which fall at the end of their life cycle. Loss of these 100 hairs a day does not generate a decrease in it on the scalp, since new hair is growing.

If you have doubts about the amount of hair you are losing, just do a few tests. These tests include a blood test, a pull test, and a scalp biopsy.

The blood test is very useful not to determine if you are losing hair or not. It is useful to detect any disease that may be related to hair loss.

The pull test is a very simple test performed by the same doctor. It consists of gently pulling several hairs and thus knowing how many come out.

Scalp biopsy is a slightly more complex test. It is used to determine if the cause of hair loss is an infection. This test consists of examining the hair roots by means of some skin samples.

Main causes that cause hair fall

Hair loss affects both men and women. More is totally false that affects both equally. The truth is that hair loss affects men more than women.

There are a lot of causes why a person may be losing hair. Among the most common causes for men and women are family history, hormonal changes, stress, medications and supplements; a low protein diet, some hair products or treatments, and diseases such as thyroid or diabetes.

Causes in men

Male alopecia refers to genetic predisposition hair lfal in men. It is difficult to combat but not impossible. Even when the baldness process is already beginning, you can take action to avoid it. The main characteristic of this baldness is its gradual appearance as it ages.

Causes in women

Female alopecia refers to hair fall due to genetic predisposition in women. Also known as female pattern baldness. The main characteristic of this baldness is the reduction of the thickness of the hair.

Hormonal changes and medical disorders can also cause hair loss in women. Among these disorders are the hormonal changes of pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth. Hairstyles that tie hair tightly, on the other hand, can also cause hair loss, known as traction alopecia.

Is it possible to stop hair fall?

There are many causes that can cause hair loss. If we know the cause, it will be much easier to stop hair loss. However, it is impossible to completely stop hair loss. Each hair has its life cycle, which at the same time allows new hair to grow and replace the old hair in a maximum period of 3 months.

This life cycle of the hair can be affected by different factors which can cause hair loss also known as alopecia. For this, there are different remedies that can help stop hair loss.

How to stop hair fall immediately at home ? 5 remedies.

Now we discuss about How to stop hair fall immediately at home ? Apply 5 remedies at home.

Apply aloe vera

This is possibly one of the best known remedies to stop hair loss. It consists of carefully cutting an aloe vera leaf and taking advantage of the glass to rub all over the scalp. Once the glass is dry, the hair is removed with plenty of water.

Olive oil massage

A good massage with olive oil of approximately 20 minutes or a little more will be enough to obtain good results after a few days. A few drops a day is enough to massage.

Rinse with onion juice

The onion has large amounts of sulfur. Therefore, applying onion juice to the hair will produce better blood circulation, also reducing inflammation, causing hair to regenerate.

Apply egg white to hair

Another of the best known remedies to stop hair loss is egg white. The egg contains many proteins and vitamins that are very beneficial for the body. This is why it is recommended to use egg whites to stop hair loss.

It is also convenient to mix it with some other remedy, such as aloe vera. After having massaged the egg white on the scalp and having left it to rest for about half an hour, it is washed with plenty of water.

Use essential oils

Applying essential oils is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to fighting hair loss. There is a wide variety to choose from. They all offer excellent properties. However, some can provide greater benefits than others. Among the main ones you can choose castor oil, rosemary, almonds and coconut.

To apply them you just have to add a few drops to the affected area and massage. Avoid going out in the sun with these, as they can cause a burn if the contact is direct and prolonged. It is recommended that you apply them at home, during the first hours of the morning or before bed.

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