How to quit smoking naturally without gaining weight

Stop smoking
Stop Smoking

Smoking is just like any other habit. This habit causes serious physical and mental damage when people become addicted. This is why this habit should be abandoned. But those who are addicted to smoking cannot give up this habit very easily. This is because if you quit smoking in a hurry, you will have to face some process first for quit smoking naturally without gaining weight. This makes it harder for them to quit smoking. Now we duscuss about, How to quit smoking naturally without gaining weight.

Let’s not know, the way to quit smoking naturally.

Why is smoking a big addiction and why quit?

You can quit smoking naturally if you know when smoking becomes an addiction. Tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine which causes this intoxication. To keep the human body fresh, a type of hormone is released inside the body. If someone smokes, the secretion of this hormone gradually stops. This nicotine hormone in tobacco works when you smoke. As a result, if you stop smoking in a hurry, you will feel uncomfortable, you will feel weak. Because that hormone from the body is stopped due to smoking. There is no reason to fear that within a few days of quitting smoking, this hormone will start to be released again as before.

Quit smoking: how to quit smoking naturally ?

After becoming addicted to smoking, it becomes a little difficult to quit. Let’s know some simple tips to quit smoking.

1. Don’t quit smoking suddenly, 90% of people quit smoking suddenly. Basically very few people succeed in this way. The rest of the people became frustrated and started smoking again. So take some time, prepare mentally, take the help of others then try to leave slowly.

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Find out why you quit smoking.

Decide why you should quit smoking. The tendency is to start all over again if you think you will give up just because it is a bad habit. First you have to be strong. Prepare yourself mentally. If necessary, you can take the advice of a doctor.

2. You can take nicotine in other ways instead of tobacco as advised by the doctor.

3. You can quit smoking by exercising regularly. Because regular exercise reduces the demand for smoking.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Focus on other foods to suppress nicotine cravings.

5. Keep yourself clean. Try to keep yourself away from the smell of tobacco. Because cigarette smoke can actually make you want to smoke.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Stay away from anything that increases the urge to smoke.

2. The first few days will be a little hard for you so don’t be discouraged. Keep a strong mind.

3. We know that many things can be done through willpower so do not desire to smoke.

4. Stop associating with smokers. Because seeing them smoke can make you want to wake up too.

5 In the beginning, if you have a lot of trouble, you can smoke a cigarette but it should not become regular.

Some reactions may occur at first, such as,

– Hands and feet can shake,

– May cause headaches,

– Stomach problems may occur,

– There may be a cold,

– May cause excessive anger,

– May not get enough sleep,

– There may be a lack of attention,

– May be anxious,

– Frustration and discomfort may come,

Don’t be afraid of it, because these things are not deadly, these reactions can be eliminated only by using the will power.

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