Healthy diet chart for indian family

healthy diet chart for indian family
healthy diet chart for indian family

Do you want to start eating healthy, better and also plan your diet better? This healthy diet chart for indian family  menu is going to help you .

Do you want to eat healthy and easy?

We’ve put together the easiest-to-follow healthy weekly menu. It is made with an infallible method endorsed by science to eat vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their proper measure. It’s very better and healthy diet chart for indian family.

Very easy to put it into practice

You can download a free weekly printable menu in jpg and pdf prepared by our nutritionists and based on the Harvard Dish method.

What does it consist of?

The Harvard plate method of healthy eating is that you always have to fill your half a plate with vegetables, a quarter of carbohydrates and the other quarter of protein.

How is our weekly menu for healthy diet chart for indian family ?

You will see that our menu does not offer you specific recipes, but combinations of the food groups that you have to eat each day to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Likewise, if you want recipe ideas, you will also find them. Ready to start eating better?

We know that we must follow a healthy and balanced diet. But … what exactly does that diet have to bring and how does it translate into a healthy weekly menu?

What if we tell you that to prepare a healthy weekly menu you do not have to count calories or weigh quantities? We do not say it, says it Harvard University (USA), which recommends us to follow the plate method. This new way of eating healthy revolutionizes what until now was the conventional nutritional food pyramid.

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A healthy diet chart for indian family easy to follow.

The one we propose now is a generic menu for you to adapt to the ingredients you prefer. It is a very easy and practical way to prepare your dishes combining food to your liking, organized around a plate. You will see that in the menu that we offer you there are no specific recipes, but groups of foods for you to choose the ones that you like the most. Although, if you prefer something more specific, each week our nutritionist prepares a different menu. Enter and at the top you will see this week:

Fill half the plate with vegetables and, at least, in one of the meals of the day that these are raw, although you can also combine raw and cooked vegetables in the same meal. This is also equivalent to a bowl of cream or vegetable soup. Choose vegetables of all colors and limit the oil you add (maximum 3 tablespoons a day).

A quarter of the plate: lighter proteins

Chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, legumes, tofu … Limit red meat, and avoid processed meats such as sausages. The ration is what would be equivalent to the palm of the hand, or the closed fist.

Another quarter of the plate: cereals, better whole grains

Wheat, quinoa, oatmeal, rice … This would be equivalent to a couple of slices of whole wheat bread, an egg-sized potato, and half a cup of rice, pasta or cereal.
Dessert and drinks

For dessert, a piece of fruit or yogurt. And to drink, water, tea, coffee or infusions. And if you drink milk, one glass a day.

For breakfast

Combine a dairy for the supply of calcium; carbohydrates, such as bread and unsweetened cereals (oatmeal, for example); proteins (egg, cheese, yogurt, tuna …) and fruit.

Mid morning and snack

They are good times to include a contribution of healthy fats in the form of nuts. You can also opt for a fruit yogurt or fruit with an ounce of dark chocolate.

healthy diet chart for indian family : what makes it up?

Up to date:

5 servings of vegetables and fruit (not worth making 5 of just one of the two)
4 servings of bread, pasta or rice in garnish size
2 servings of dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese)
1 serving of fat daily; olive oil (3-4 tablespoons), nuts (a handful of 20 g) …

A week:

3-4 servings of pulses
3-4 eggs (if you don’t have cholesterol problems, 1 a day even)
4 servings of fish (2 blue at least)
2 servings of white meat (rabbit, turkey, chicken)
1 serving of red meat

The healthy diet chart for indian that we offer you is from Monday to Friday so that the weekend you have more freedom. You can eat on Saturday and Sunday the portions of blue fish or eggs that you lack.



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