Get rid of gastric in a natural way!

Get rid of gastric in a natural way

Almost everyone is familiar with gastric. Absolutely, to get rid of gastric pain forever, one has to make some small changes not only in one’s diet but also in one’s daily life. Anyone can say ‘I don’t have gastric or gastritis problems’. Some people regularly, some or occasionally suffer from this problem

Expert doctors have given some effective advice on why this problem occurs and how to avoid gas or heartburn after eating.

Eat 6 meals a day: You eat three meals a day, six times a day Eat light fried foods, such as fried foods, extra salt, fat, spices, sweets, which are difficult to digest. For example, your food list may include fish, a little meat, vegetables, potatoes, etc. Besides, fruit juice or sour food is not at all on an empty stomach

Enjoy food: Chew a small amount of food slowly and eat well You should not sleep immediately after eating lunch, as it may cause food to return to the stomach Instead, if you have time, you can walk a little after meals, which helps in digestion and defecation

Understand: You can drink water and light tea to quench your thirst However, you should drink at least two liters of water a day, so that the food can mix well in the stomach and relieve constipation. It is better to drink as little coffee or alcohol as possible However, not only food, but also drinking water should be given some importance

Loose clothing: Don’t wear tight jeans or belts too tight. Because the tight belt puts pressure on the abdomen, which can cause sour belching So it is better to wear a little comfortable or a little loose clothes

Take regular walks: We all know more or less that there is no alternative to walking Excess weight puts pressure on the abdomen and prevents you from walking In addition, the accumulation of food in the stomach means feeling uncomfortable and therefore it is not possible to lose weight or keep the weight right. Exercise and walking keep the body light, the bowels active and the gas low.

Sleep with the pillow a little higher: Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is usually at night So raise the pillow a little and sleep with the upper part of the body a little higher In this way gastric acid cannot rise Even if you sleep with your left side tilted, the pressure on your stomach is less Moreover, if you eat dinner three hours before going to bed, there is no problem to digest the food

Fibrous food: In medical language, sour food means chicken, fish, rice, lentils, etc. After eating such food can be acid 7 Therefore, mixing potatoes, bread, beans, beans, mung beans, lentils, etc. with ‘sour’ foods greatly reduces the chances of heartburn. In addition, a little boiled potatoes or potato curry may be on the menu every day Fibrous foods must be kept in mind

Keep stress away: Stress has a close relationship with stress So avoid any conflict and try to keep yourself free from stress as much as possible Light meals, adequate walking, some rest – this is how you can protect your stomach or intestines, prevent gastritis.

Avoid smoking: Stress can cause stomach acid reactions – as many of us know. Many people smoke because of stress But nicotine weakens the intestinal tract through the rectal tract.

In addition, stress hormones regulate digestion Stomach acid is produced due to the difficulty in maintaining the balance of the body, so no more smoking!


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