Follow the 10 rules to stop hair loss!


How many masks, how much oil, how much more do you use to stop hair loss? But if you are a little careful and follow the rules, you can reduce this hair loss a lot. Here are some habits or rules that will help your hair fall out less.

(1) Pillow cover

Use silk pillow covers instead of cotton pillow covers. This is because your hair stays on the cotton cloth all night and then the cotton cloth absorbs all the moisture in your hair. As a result, the hair becomes very dry and becomes even weaker when rubbed with a pillow cloth.

Silk fabrics never absorb the moisture of the hair. Moreover, using a pillow cover made of silk will not tangle the hair

(2) Use of towels

Use an old T-shirt or an old clean soft cloth instead of a towel to dry your hair. Because the towel absorbs the moisture of the hair in the same way as the cotton pillow cover makes the hair dry, rough, lifeless and brittle.

(3) Trimming the ends of the hair

The ends of the hair should be trimmed every 6 weeks as double-faced hair is harmful to the health of your hair. If you do not trim, the amount of this crack will continue to increase.

(4) Moisturizing shampoo

For hair care, use a shampoo that contains natural oils. Such as coconut oil, jojoba oil etc. The hair will be moisturized.

(5) Wet hair style

Even if the hair is lightly wet, it should be dried well. No matter what style of hair you tie, you will need to dry your hair thoroughly.

(6) Dry hair

Try to air dry your hair without drying it with a hair dryer. Because the hot air in the hair dryer is harmful for your hair.

(7) Pony tail

A common hairstyle for girls is pony tail. People who wear tight ponytails all the time have more hair fall or breakage. So always loosen the pony tail. Do not use rubber bands of elastic.

(8) Eat properly

Eat well for the good health of your hair. Eat plenty of fruits, drinks and protein. You can take hair vitamins with the advice of a doctor.

(9) Use of conditioner

Using eggs as a conditioner will help improve the health of your hair, as eggs contain a lot of protein. Keratin protein is 80 percent of the hair. So the egg protein is able to bring the damaged hair back to its beautiful state. Egg conditioner you can prepare very easily.

First break an egg and mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with it. Mix well with a fork spoon. Then wash your hair well with shampoo. Squeeze the excess water out of the hair by hand. Then just press the hair once with a dry towel and let it go again, but don’t try to dry the hair. Now apply a mixture of egg and olive oil on each part of the hair. Those who have split ends will apply the mixture well on the ends of the hair. Take a shower cap and wait 10-20 minutes. Now wash the egg conditioner well.

(10) Combing the hair

Wet hair cannot be combed. Many people wipe their hair with a towel after bathing and comb their hair. This makes the hair fall out a lot because the roots of the hair are soft when wet. At that time, if the hair is pulled, the hair breaks or falls out very easily. So comb your hair after drying.

In addition to regular oil massage of the hair, following these rules can reduce hair loss without any hassle.


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