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If you are one of those girls who does not have time to get easy hairstyles for natural hair or go to the hairdresser and not even think about going dressed up or trying on perfect and radiant party dresses. This article is for you. And if what you were looking for is something even simpler and for the little ones of the house these “ easy hairstyles for natural hair”  are a joy since they all like them.

Many times in the day-to-day routine the same hair style is repeated: totally loose, collected with a hook or a high ponytail, no matter how much you want to change the appearance. They always leave their homes just like every day.

So that you can look different every day, we have collected for you very easy and beautiful hairstyles that you can use daily for classes or go to work. If you have curly hair, you can try these fast hairstyles for curly hair.

1st easy hairstyles for natural hair : Low tail with a different knot.

This is a totally easy hairstyle to do. It consists of a low ponytail, like the one you do every day but with a special touch that is easy to do.

Brush your hair well until it is completely detangled.
With the help of a fine garter you will make a ponytail. But leaving a lock of thick hair from the upper area completely free.

On the ponytail that you have formed we intertwine the two strands, with the help of a hairpin or bra you will fix them in the back of the ponytail and voila, a totally simple and different hairstyle.

2nd easy hairstyles for natural hair:  Bow made of braids.

This is an easy and pretty hairstyle that seems to be very elaborate. But in reality it is totally simple to do, ideal for a young worker who wants to look different every day.

After having brushed your hair well. You will split it in two and make two high pigtails back, it is important that they are very close together.

With the help of bras you will fix the pigtails on the opposite side where they are located. The tips should be hidden behind the hairstyle. This style can be used in meetings or important events. People will think that you took a long time in the mirror to make it for yourself.

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3rd easy hairstyles for natural hair “S” braided

A beautiful half tail that will dazzle you, extremely beautiful and simple, although it seems very elaborate, it is not!

From the side that you prefer the braid you must take a portion of hair from the front area and divide it into 3 sections. The last section from front to back should be thinner than the rest.
After you have parted your hair, start making a simple three-strand braid until the hair is done.
From the braid you have made, very carefully you will start to remove the thick ends. Without touching the thinnest, you must remove them from the braid just a little so that an S shape is observed in each knot of the braid.

With the help of bras or bobby pins, fasten them behind your loose hair.
We will repeat the procedure on the other side, decorate the area where the two ends meet with a bow and voila! A fast and beautiful look, which gives a romantic look to your hair.

This is a very versatile hairstyle as it can be worn by women of all ages, even the smallest ones. If you have a girl and you want her to look different, you can try these simple hairstyles for girls.

4th easy hairstyles for natural hair: Pink Braid

This is a braid that you can use for special occasions, such as a date or a date with your boyfriend. It gives a totally romantic look to your look that will impact you.

First of all, you must divide your hair into 3 strands: one central, right side and left side.
With the hair ends that are on the sides you will make a half tail, with the hair that results from that union. You will make a common three braid and at the end you seal it with a garter.
Then you open that same braid as much as you can, without removing it from the garter at the bottom. It should be as thick as your hair allows.
To finish you will roll the braid on itself at the top, where the top ponytail is, the tip of the braid we must hide behind with the help of a bra. The final appearance will be like a totally delicate and feminine rose.

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5th easy hairstyles for natural hair : The French Braid Sideways

This is one of the easiest to do step by step for extremely simple long hair that you will be able to do quickly. It has never been so easy to comb your hair in the morning!

You will part your hair to the side that you like. You will take the front section until you reach your ear. The rest of the hair tie it with a tail so that it does not screw up the work.
You are going to start a French braid of three from the front to the back. But you will only feed the hair ends in the rear area and going under the braid.
Before finishing the braid to the end, you must start pulling strands of hair. Both from the back and the front, this in order to make the braid thicker.
Keep braiding to the end. When you’re done you secure it with a garter and reopen the final section of the braid. With the hair that is left. Put together a low ponytail and decorate the knot by winding it to the side braid you just made.

I invite you to try these hairstyles in your day to day, stop fighting with the brush and try these different styles every day.

Easy Hairstyles

With everything that the blog is growing. The dear one to compile in this article a good list of different simple, fast, incredibly beautiful hair to do step by step at home without having to go to a specialist. This way the girls Looking for a specific hairstyle and who can not find it. I leave the following list organized with the most amazing hair styles for every occasion, age and style.

And yes, surely I will warn you first hand that one of two. You fall in love with everyone you see or that you simply find at first glance the one that is made for you:

Long hair

If you are one of the girls with long hair. You are one of them wearing a spectacular mane that reaches practically to the waist. You are going to need to learn how to create different hairstyles to not always go with it.

This special article covers dozens of step-by-step examples and an extensive photo gallery of long and splendid hair for you to try …

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Short hair

The person who creates, whether it is a boy or a girl. a short hair is simply to shave his head or have the odd long lock. Simply to say that he is totally wrong. That is why in the article on short hair that we prepared in this blog with All the care in the world. So that you can find the different types of this striking look. Surely it will make you change your mind, and why not, change your style too. Go to the article.

Easy New Years Hairstyles

It may be one of the times, or never better said the day with the most difficulties to choose a beautiful outfit that I agreed with the best hairstyle, look, style or haircut you want to do on the last night of the year.

With a good New Year’s hairstyle, it will be the perfect method to end and start the new year in the best possible way you can imagine. Go to the article.

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Curly hair

Who says curls are not in fashion? They are one of the most natural hairs that can be found in every different loop. And each imperfection is perfection in the hair.

Absolutely brilliant in any way you have them, be it short hotel lengths that seem endless.

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