Change the shape of the nose with make-up

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The main purpose of make-up is to hide the flaws of the face. The nose is a very important part of our appearance. Nose blemishes can be easily hidden with the help of make-up. If we want to manipulate the nasal septum, we need a two-color foundation. One is light in color and the other is dark in color.

Big nose

If your nasal septum is large or slightly scaly, to make it a little smaller, apply a shade darker foundation or concealer from the corner of your eye to the sides of your nose. Light colored foundation should be applied on the top of the nose (T-zone). Then it should be mixed well. This will make the nose feel steep.

Flat or less steep nose

If your nose is a little less steep, apply highlighter on the top of the nose except on both sides and mix well with both sides of the nose to see how steep the nose looks.

Thin or thin nose

Take a shade of dark foundation from your skin color to make the big nose look thinner. Start from the corner of the eye and apply a dark foundation on both sides of the nose. Now light colored foundation should be applied on the nose. Make sure that the foundation blends well with the skin. Bronze concealer can also be used instead of foundation.

Long nose

If you want to make your nose look a little shorter, you need to apply a darker foundation from your skin color to the junction of the forehead and nose. Then it should be mixed well.


Matte finish foundation must be used when applying nasal spray with make-up. If you have oily or combination skin, apply the powder on the T-zone before applying make-up, but make sure that the amount of powder is not too much. Excess powder and makeup ruin the natural look.

7 magical tricks to show wide nose sharp

Each of us has a different face cut. Nose, eyes, lips – everything is different. Regardless of the shape of his face, everyone wants him to look beautiful and attractive. Due to which, we are constantly doing nothing. The nose is an organ that is located in the center of our face, so much of the beauty of the face depends on it. The shape of the nose is different from one person to another. Someone’s sharp, someone’s wide, someone’s very sharp – not wide again. Those who have a sharp nose look beautiful. However, those who have a wide nose, they can also show their nose sharp if you follow some tricks. So, let’s not exaggerate the tricks.

1. For those whose nose is a bit wide, use a foundation of a little dark tone on their skin. The foundation of Dark Tone is 2 shades of Dark Foundation from Skintone.

No! I’m not saying to apply Dark Foundation on the whole face. Just use dark foundation on both sides of the nose and below the chin from the crease of the eyes. Again on top of the nasal bone and on both sides of the nose where Dark Foundation is applied. Start from his side and apply foundation according to your skintone on the whole face. Don’t forget to blend everything well. In this case, a beauty sponge will work well for a flawless finish.

2. If your nose is wide, you can take the attention of your face from the nose to other good features. For example: you can create attention in your under eye, eyelid, chickbone etc. You can highlight these areas beautifully. However, make sure that the face’s face, such as the dark circles, the spots are hidden nicely. The wide nose will not get much attention.

3. Contouring is the most important step to sharpen the nose. It is possible to change the appearance of the nose through this contouring. In this case, you don’t just have to contour the nose. Contouring the bottom of the chickbone, forehead and nose will make the thing look perfect. Apply contouring powder on both sides of the nose with a small brush and blend well. Similarly, with the help of contouring brush, contour under the cheekbones and towards the hairline of the forehead. If you want, you can also do cream contouring first. Then take a shimmy highlighter and apply it to the nose bridge. Busy !!

4. If the nose is wide, always try to keep the face oil free / matte. Loose powder may be the best for this. Set the whole face with loose powder. During under eye baking, take loose powder on a triangle sponge and bake from the side of the nose where you contour it to the whole under eye. This will make the nose look smaller and less wide.

5. Even if you don’t do a lot of makeup to make your wide nose look sharp. As I said before, to draw attention to other features of Face. Use Shimari Blush on your cheeks. Even a little bit of it will make your nose look smaller. And don’t forget to apply powder highlighter on the cheekbones.

6. When it comes to sharpening the nose through makeup, other features of the face should be connected with the nose. Otherwise the whole thing may look fake. So in this case bronzer can be your friend. Apply bronzer around the face such as cheeks, forehead, chin. This will make the features of Face look connected and will not look fake.

7. Smoky eye or dramatic eye makeup can remove attention from your nose. So try smoky eye or any dramatic eye makeup.

8. Always use bold and bright lipstick. If you don’t apply makeup, you can follow this trick. By doing this no one will notice your wide nose.

Here are some makeup tricks to show wide nose sharp. Hopefully, you will get a lot more help



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