Causes, symptoms and remedies for low back pain

Causes, symptoms and remedies for low back pain
Causes, symptoms and remedies for low back pain

You may not find a person in the world who has never felt back pain in his life. This pain is triggered by aging of the cartilage or disc between the bones below the spine. This change in cartilage is accompanied by a change in sensitivity to the lower part of the spine. This change usually starts at the age of 30. In most cases there are no symptoms of the disease. However, with age, the symptoms of the disease also increase.

Causes of low back pain: –

Commonly seen are back pain due to spinal muscles, ligament sprains or partial tears, disc problems between two vertebrae, changes in vertebral position. This pain is caused by movement, lifting too much weight or weight, excessive movement of the spine, doing any work while sitting or standing continuously, injury to the spine, and above all due to the positional error of the waist.

Other causes include age-related spinal deformity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal neuralgia, tumors, cancer, sister tuberculosis, lumbar spine problems, various visceral diseases, infections Problems, obesity, overweight, etc.

Symptoms of low back pain: –

Low back pain may increase slowly or there may be sudden onset of severe pain. The pain may be more or less intense during movement or work. The pain may be in the waist or may go down from the waist to the legs or may rise from the legs to the waist. Many times the pain from the waist can rise to the head through the back of the spine. The patient cannot sit or stand for long. Shin-shin or tingling pain in the legs may go up or down with the pain, the legs may get pulled or stuck while walking, the pain may go down on both legs or any one of the legs. A lot of the time lying in bed reduces the pain a bit. If this continues for a long time, the ability of the muscles of the waist and legs of the patient decreases and may become dry, above all the patient loses the ability to move.

Back pain is an internationally recognized health problem even in this modern age. Prevention is better than cure to solve this problem.

Remedy for low back pain: –

Pharmacotherapy: – Physicians usually prescribe painkillers NSAIDS group drugs, muscle relaxants and sedatives after various tests. Since the medicine has side effects or specific doses, the medicine should be taken as per the advice of a specialist doctor.
Physiotherapy: – Physiotherapy is a sophisticated treatment for low back pain. In this treatment, medical patients electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound therapy, lumbar trakasana shortwave dayatharmi, atilohita ray, intarapherenasiyala therapy, infrared radiation, trans kiuteniyasa electric nerve istimuletara, electrical nerve and muscle istimuletara Auto menuyala trakasana, haidrotherapi, laser therapy and different kinds of exercises for the treatment Live with. Apart from that, during the treatment, a specific orthosis or brace is applied on the waist.

Surgery: – If the patient’s condition does not change even after a long period of pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy treatment, the doctors advise the patient to undergo lumbar spine surgery or surgery according to the condition.

Warning in daily work: –

Time to pick something up from the bottom-

Do not bend or bend the waist. Bend the knees.

When carrying something: –

Do not lift anything on the neck.
Keep heavy things close to the body.
When carrying something heavy on the back, lean forward.

Bedtime: –

Do not lie on your back. Do not sleep on broken beds, foam or spring beds.
Use equal mattress.
The bed should be stiff, wide and even. A solid bed is a thin mattress on something equal.

Standing time: –

Do not stand for more than 10 minutes.
Do not lean forward without breaking the knee.
Do not wear high heels when walking or standing for long periods of time.
If you want to stand for a long time, take the weight of the body from one leg to the other after a while.
Use short foot rests if standing for long periods of time.

Sitting time: –

Do not move your chair too far from the table.
Do not work leaning forward.
Give support behind the waist.
Sit in such a way that the thighs are parallel to the ground.
Do not sit on a soft mattress or spring sofa or chair.

Time to board the vehicle: –

Do not move away from the steering wheel while driving. Sit up straight.
Use a lumbar corset during travel pain.

Rules that girls will follow: –

Wear low-heeled shoes or sandals, the heel height of different shoes should not be different.

When cutting vegetables, grinding spices, washing clothes and cleaning the house, keep the spine normal and the waist straight.

Do not hug the baby with the waist bent. Sweep, keep the waist straight while pressing the tubewell.

If you have to stand for hours in marketing or shopping, sit for a rest after 10 to 15 minutes of standing or walking.

When making the bed, you should not bend your waist but should break your knees.

Lose weight, change your diet: –

Reduce beef, mutton, legumes, sweet foods, oily foods from the food list and add more vegetables, vegetables and fruits to the food list. Exercise regularly and those who have a habit of sleeping in the afternoon, stop it and go to bed early at night.

Closing Domestic Tips.

This back pain can be relieved very easily. Ginger is able to reduce any pain. Ginger can solve this problem. Let us know the process of making effective ginger water to solve this problem.

Whatever it takesāĻƒ

Ginger, clean thin cloth, hot water

How to make:

First grate the ginger. Then place the ginger pieces in a thin cloth.

Cover the face of the cloth with yarn or rope. Make a doll.

Now let the water heat in the oven. Squeeze the ginger paste in this water and add the juice to the water.

After squeezing the juice well, put the ginger putli in water.

Now dip a cloth in hot ginger water. Now squeeze the water well from the cloth.

Put this ginger cloth soaked in water on the sore spot. Make sure the fabric is not too thick.

Leave the cloth on the sore spot overnight. If this is not possible overnight, leave it on for a few hours.

You will see that the back pain has disappeared. This will give you long-term comfort.


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