What are the causes, symptoms and remedies for heart attack?

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The heart is an organ that works all the time, never resting. Some of the known symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain, chest tightness, feeling restless, sudden loss of consciousness. Chest pain can sometimes spread from the left neck to the inside of the left arm. Let’s all be aware and try to reduce the risk of heart attack-

What is myocardial infarction?

The bottom line is that a heart attack is when the heart does not work properly. Oxygen and nutrition are needed for the heart to work all the time. The heart has its own blood vessels to supply this oxygen and nutrients. The heart is nourished by two small arteries or coronary arteries attached to the heart called the coronary arteries. If any one of the blood vessels is completely blocked, then a heart attack occurs. In medical terms it is called myocardial infarction.

What is a silent heart attack?

Despite the occasional heart attack, the patient does not understand any of the symptoms of the attack, there is no feeling. In medical science, such a heart attack is called silent MI or silent heart attack. Why Silent? – Because the patient does not understand anything at this time, and even if he can, he does not pay much attention to very little or normal pain!

The reasons for heart attack are:

– Sudden blockage of blood vessels

– Eating oily and spicy foods

– Increased blood cholesterol levels and lower cholesterol levels

– High blood pressure or diabetes, insomnia, sudden irritability or anger

– Taking drugs and tobacco products

– There are also some uncontrollable factors, such as age, gender, heredity

Some of the symptoms of a heart attack-

Usually there is pain in the middle of the chest. Occasionally there may be symptoms such as chest tightness, feeling as if something heavy has been placed in the chest, burning sensation inside the chest, and sudden heartbeat. Sitting, lying down also hurts, the pain can spread to the left, neck, back. The pain may be accompanied by sweating, vomiting and shortness of breath.

When is a heart attack?

Many of us think that heart attack occurs when people get older, get fat or worry. But it is a misconception that heart attacks can happen at any time. While sleeping, at rest, for sudden heavy physical labor, sometimes out in the cold weather, for emotional stress, sometimes while walking.

First aid for heart attack-

In many cases, a heart attack doesn’t even give people 10 seconds, which is why most of the time people die as soon as they have an attack, because they live alone. In such a situation, blood has to be pumped to the heart through the chest which is not possible without the help of someone else. In this case, the person suffering from chest pain can help himself by coughing loudly again and again. ‘Breathing-coughing, breathing-coughing…’ This process should be done once every two seconds, until enough oxygen contracts and expands the heart to vibrate alone.

If you understand that you have had a heart attack, then you have to take aspirin or warfarin formula medicine. It will not cause blood clots. Nitroglycerin spray should be done on the lower part of the tongue. The person suffering from heart attack needs to be given courage.

What to do to cure heart attack-

Avoid such activities which cause rupture of blood vessel lining

Take regular walks and light exercise

People over the age of 40 have a higher risk of heart attack, and aspirin should be taken as needed with a doctor’s advice to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs, in addition to lowering blood cholesterol levels, also reduce the risk of heart attack by clearing fat from blood vessels.

Don’t worry, keep your blood pressure under control
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Stay away from smoking and drugs

Eat vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, you can also eat raw garlic regularly

What is the relationship between blood group and heart attack?

People whose blood does not belong to the ‘O’ group have a slightly higher risk of heart attack. Recent research has found this information. Researchers say that people with ‘O’ group blood have a slightly lower risk of heart attack than others.

Scientists believe that people with blood group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘AB’ groups have more presence of blood clotting proteins in their body.

Researchers say the results of such research will help doctors understand who is at risk for heart attack.

The study was presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology. This report has been prepared by conducting research on about 13 lakh people.

Studies have shown that 15 out of every 1,000 people whose blood type is not O is at risk of heart attack. On the other hand, 14 out of 1000 people with blood group ‘O’ are at risk of heart attack. Although the difference is small, the number is much higher than the overall population.

But a charity that works on the subject of the heart thinks people need to focus on healthy foods instead of smoking.

An earlier study found that people with an AB blood group had a 23 percent higher risk of heart disease than others.

However, there are other causes of heart attack besides blood group. These include smoking, being overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Researchers say that even if there is nothing to do with blood group, it is possible to reduce the risk of heart attack through a healthy lifestyle.

Tissa Cole, who is involved in the study, says more research is needed into why those whose blood is not in the ‘O’ group are at increased risk of heart disease.

However, studies have shown that blood groups do not make much difference in the case of major heart disease.


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