Causes of hair loss and what to do

How to stop hair fall immediately at home
Causes of hair loss

Hair loss? The thought is, in the end a shiny bald head does not sit? Usually every day some hair falls out and new hair grows again. But if that is excessive, then it must be a matter of concern.

Then you first need to determine why your hair is falling out. The problem of baldness is more common among men. Hair loss or baldness in men usually starts from 20 years. This is called mail pattern of hair loss.

Why is the hair falling out?

Androgenic hormones such as testosterone, androsterone, DHT hormones are usually more in men and less in women. These hormones work on the hair follicles and accelerate hair loss. That’s why men’s hair falls out more.

If you suffer from anxiety or mental problems, you may lose more hair than usual. However, this hair loss is temporary and the hair grows again. But if you are mentally anxious for a long time and can’t overcome the anxiety, a lot more hair can fall out.

If there is no blood circulation in the hair follicles, if there is anemia, hair loss may start.

Hereditary problems can cause hair loss. Maybe your grandparents or uncles don’t have baldness. But since your parents have baldness, you may also have baldness due to heredity.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during pregnancy. For example, many people have lost their hair due to typhoid fever.

Dandruff and scalp disease can cause hair loss.

• In many cases, side effects of the medicine can also cause hair loss.
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What to do:

Whatever the reason for hair loss, a doctor’s advice should be taken. In addition, the things that you need to pay attention to are:

1. Eating a balanced diet:

I want to have a lot of vegetables and seasonal fruits in the daily food list and there is milk, eggs and fish in the meat. Eat adequate amounts of protein-rich foods – our hair is basically made up of keratin. It is a type of protein made up of amino acids. So in order for new hair to grow, your body must supply enough amino acids.

Fish, meat, cheese, milk, eggs – try to keep at least one of these on your diet every day. You can also get it from soybeans, peas, bananas, nuts etc. However, the amount of protein in non-vegetarian foods is relatively high.

Foods rich in iron and zinc transport oxygen to your head cells, helping to build new tissue and prevent corrosion. Peas, nuts, liver, meat, milk contain the zinc and iron you need. Eat fruits with vitamin C. Vitamin C

2. Moderate sleep:

It is not possible to keep the body healthy if you do not sleep properly. So there should be adequate amount of sleep. Meditation can also be done to prevent hair loss.

3. Hair Care Cosmetics:

Hair should be thoroughly cleaned at least three days a week. Can shampoo if needed. However, before shampooing, it must be kept with oil for one hour. Otherwise the hair will become rough.

4. Natural Hair Care Ingredients:

Massage hot oil one day a week and it is better if you can give lemon juice with it. Mango, aloe vera, chlorophyll and fenugreek can be ground together and mixed with coconut oil or olive oil. Blackheads are helpful for new hair growth. Using black cumin oil on the head and using black cumin in food gives very good results.

A head of healthy hair not only enhances your beauty, it also gives a different dimension to your personality. So take care of your hair. Stay healthy.


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