Causes and Remedies for Decreased Skin Brightness

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Everyone wants their skin to look blemish-free and radiant. But most of them do not have enough effort. On the contrary, many people do not even do the necessary skin exercises in the crowd of various jobs. Again many do not get the desired brightness even after trying. One of the causes of daily pollution, stress, unhealthy food. Find out why your skin is losing its radiance and the solution-

  1. Do not exfoliate the face: Exfoliation has a role to make the skin look radiant and radiant. But very few girls can exfoliate their face regularly. Without regular scrubbing, dead cells accumulate on the skin, leaving the face dull.

Solution: Exfoliate the face twice a week. If your skin is sensitive, apply ingredients like aloe vera gel, green tea in your grooming routine. It will reduce the inflammation of the mouth.

  1. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. After such a time, the skin needs extra care. Fatigue also makes the skin look dirty.

Solution: You can meditate regularly to relieve stress. Moreover, massage the face with a good moisturizer. It will increase blood circulation and make the skin look bright and radiant.

  1. Dry skin: Moisture should be provided not only from outside but also from inside. Lack of moisture causes the skin to fade, the skin begins to sag. As a result, wrinkles appear.

Solution: Eat plenty of water and juicy fruits. You will benefit from using face serum with hyaluronic acid. Consult a dermatologist if necessary.

  1. Vitamin deficiency: Eating disorders, lack of sleep exacerbates skin problems. Vitamin deficiency, malnutrition can also make the skin look dirty.

Solution: Eat a balanced diet. Talk to your doctor and start taking the necessary vitamin supplements. Eat foods rich in copper, zinc and iron.

  1. Sun: Sun can cause serious damage to your skin. Sunspots and hyper pigmentation are also created due to the sun.

Solution: If you go out in the sun, you have to apply broad spectrum sunscreen. Night cream should have retinol. Retinol creams or lotions will protect your skin’s collagen.

Here are some tips to help you look after your skin

No matter how much you call age a number, age leaves its mark on your face. As you grow older, your appearance may change. So it is easy to distinguish between twenty and thirty. People in their thirties need to take extra care of their skin. Because if you take proper care, you will shine even in your forties. Again, due to lack of care, many people look old in their thirties.

Women in their thirties usually lead busy lives. There is not much available when looking after the office and the house. So here are some very simple tips. Through which the natural beauty of the skin can be maintained-

At this age, the normal moisture of the skin is reduced. So face wash can be harsh on the skin. It is better to use a light cleanser to clean the face.

Not just moisturizers, but skin serums. Choose a serum that has vitamin C. This will protect you from open pores and pigmentation.

At this age you are most likely a new mother. After becoming a mother, women’s skin becomes dry. Choose non-alcoholic toner to keep the skin’s pH balance right.

Our skin also sleeps with us at night. During this time the skin needs to be nourished. So you must use a good night cream before going to bed at night.

The skin around the eyes begins to loosen as soon as you reach the age of thirty. At this time the first wrinkles under the eyes begin to fall. So don’t forget to use under cream.

The most important part of the skincare routine is sunscreen. Harmful sunlight plays twelve of the skin. So you must apply sunscreen during the day.


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