Best shades of brown eyes

shades of brown eyes

Shades of brown eyes are the most common on the planet, and although many of us have wished at some point in our life to have blue or light eyes. Brown eyes are more versatile since they admit more color palettes and, if you do a good job, your eyes can be dazzling.

For people who have green or greenish brown eyes, follow these tips on how to make up green eyes.

Make up brown eyes

Whether for special occasions or for everyday life, using natural shades in brown eyes is a plus. Pale pinks, soft browns or chocolates, or cream colors are perfect for day-to-day use, and bring a lot of light to the look.

Let’s see the color palettes that can favor you the most to achieve the perfect makeup on brown eyes and also the least suitable colors:

Natural makeup:

it is the most flattering for day to day. Pink, raw and light brown tones soften the look and provide a lot of freshness, while warm tones such as dark browns, terracotta, chocolate, etc., enhance the tonality of your eyes.

Golden and copper shades: they are perfect for brightening brown eyes, and they combine very well with each other. They are not for day to day, but they are for night, because they provide a special shine and define the shape of the eyes very well.

Cherry Eyes:

Cherry or burgundy tones are a trend, they give a touch of elegance and glamor to a more sophisticated makeup. Either single color, or using a softer shade on the eyelid and a darker cherry on the outside, cherry eyes are perfect for makeup brown eyes.

Gray and black colors:

For brown eyes, these two colors are more risky, but for night makeup they work very well if we make up our eyes with a smoky effect, which we will talk about later.

Violet and mauve colors: Mallows and violets, whether light, darker or metallic, bring a lot of light to brown eyes. Although it is true that they are not the most used, they are very good if we do not abuse applying the color, and with a black eyeliner as a final touch, brown eye makeup will be unique and sophisticated.

Colors to avoid: The least suitable colors for makeup brown eyes are yellow or light blue and green.

Makeup tips for shades of brown eyes

Sometimes less is more, and applying simple eye makeup techniques is most effective. For example, lining the eyes with a black eyeliner provides a deeper look and gives the feeling that the eyes are enlarged. It is perfect to use with any color palette. For more elegant looks, very appropriate for the night. Smoking is a technique that never fails to make up brown eyes and is always impressive. Smoked in shades of black and gray, or burgundy tones, create a deeper look.

To make smoky eye makeup we choose our color palette and apply the darkest shadow on the mobile eyelid, carefully and gently blending upwards. We apply the same shade on the bottom line of the lashes without blending. On the fixed eyelid we will apply a lighter shadow and we will also apply it on the tear. We can outline the eyes with a black eyeliner, both above and below, or under the lower lashes, blurring.

Shaping with a soft brown is a good trick to get an eye-widening effect. If we want to emphasize expressiveness more, outlining with a darker brown over soft chocolate brown shades, it is very good. A black eyeliner marks more, and it is more sophisticated. There are many people who have dark circles under their eyes. To hide them and make your eyes stand out, we can apply cream concealer under the eye and blend carefully. Afterwards, we will cover with makeup base blending well, and the dark circles will be perfectly concealed.

The color combination is always very good for makeup brown eyes although. There are experts who say that the best makeup trick to enhance brown or hazel eyes is to use shades that are the same color as the eyes. Because they enhance the look better.

Natural makeup for shades of brown eyes

Apply the eye makeup with an eye brush, starting from the inside out, and blending well, until the color is homogeneous. Perform the same operation on the part near the eyebrows. Before you make up your eyebrows remember that you must fix them before, for this we show you some tricks for eyebrow waxing.

A nude color for soft and natural makeup, it looks great and also with the mauve tones in the eyes. And if we outline the lips with a slightly darker beige shade than lipstick, we will give a more sophisticated touch. With cherry or smoky tones, a passion red or cherry lip is perfect for evening occasions.

As you can see, everything or almost everything is possible if we have brown eyes and with a few tips and tricks. It’s easy to get a stylish look, to widen your eyes, to have a more natural expression, to soften your look, or to achieve a stunning look. It is all a matter of practice. and to be clear that brown eyes. Whether they are light or more hazelnut, support as many colors and combinations as you can find color palettes.

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