Best Indian food for healthy hair

Indian food for healthy hair
Indian food for healthy hair

A balanced diet is the basis for achieving healthy and strong hair. We cannot forget that, in addition to external care, we must nourish the hair from the inside. We tell you best healthy indian food for healthy hair  in the following article.

There are basic foods that you should add to your diet if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair. Remember that, like your skin, your hair is exposed and can be susceptible to damage caused by external factors, such as pollution or weather.

Taking care of your hair is not just about going to the hairdresser on time or not abusing the hairdryer. You should also keep an eye on the nutrients you bring to it from within, as this will help it look stronger, smoother, and brighter.

In addition, you can avoid the most common problems, such as hair loss and lack of shine. Let’s delve into it.

Although certain changes are inevitable over the years, a good diet can help delay them. These are some of the indian foods that you should include in your weekly menu. Now we discussed in this article about Best  Indian food for healthy hair

Best 6 Indian food for healthy hair

1. Eggs

Egg application has always been associated with healthy hair, although most people believe that it is an urban legend. However, this study carried out by a team from Hallym University (South Korea) in 2017 shows that water soluble peptides from the yolk would stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

That is, the egg yolk could help strengthen the hair, also stimulating its growth. In the same way, it contains zinc, a mineral whose deficiency has been associated with hair loss, according to this research carried out by a team at the Cold Spring Medical Center (United States).

Therefore, its consumption is more than recommended to have a strong and healthy mane.
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2. Blueberries

It is believed that it could be another of the recommended foods, since it contains antioxidants. According to this research carried out in rodents by a team from the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (Mexico), it could affect the delay of hair aging. However, it is still necessary to carry out human studies to verify its efficacy in these.

Be that as it may, do not hesitate to make room for these delicious fruits in your diet. Remember that you can include them in salads, as a complement to your breakfast or in smoothies.

3. Lentils

Like eggs, lentils contain protein. These, as we have already mentioned, are essential to have strong and healthy hair.

Furthermore, these types of legumes are an important source of iron. According to this study by a team at Baylor College of Medicine (Texas), lack of the mineral could be one of the main causes of hair loss.

However, despite having obtained satisfactory results in some associated research, more studies are still needed in this regard, due to the size of the samples analyzed.

4. Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acids are believed to be important in maintaining healthy hair. This research carried out in 2015 by a team from Laboratoires innéov (France) affirms the existence of a relationship between the intake of supplements of these fatty acids and hair strengthening.

Although further research is still needed, other studies, such as this one carried out by Jeju National University (South Korea), could demonstrate the reliability of this element in future treatments to stop hair loss.

5. Green leafy vegetables

Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and other similar vegetables can help keep your hair healthy. This is because they contain multiple vitamins and minerals, including iron and vitamin C.

The latter is essential for the synthesis of collagen. According to this study carried out by Dr. Teland of the Jehangir Hospital (India), it promotes anti-inflammatory action and improves epithelial elasticity. And remember that to have strong hair, you need to have a healthy foundation.

6. Foods rich in iodine for healthy hair

Many hair problems can be attributed to a thyroid malfunction. In fact, iodine, supplementation, which is essential in the treatment of thyroid problems, could be related to an improvement in hair growth.

This is suggested by this study carried out by the University of Tenneesse (United States), in which it is observed that iodine deficiency can cause, among others, hair loss.

If you think that it could be your case, try to go to the endocrine and ask him if you should incorporate foods that contain it into your diet. Iodized salt, legumes or fish are sources of iodine that can be very useful.

Final recommendations

In the event that you notice that your hair remains straight, dull and abnormally weakened, it is essential that you go to a dermatologist. It may be a related problem that has not been addressed in time.

In the same way, as we have already mentioned, it may be advisable to speak to an endocrine. Check that you follow a healthy and balanced diet, because the state of your hair could be related to some hormonal problem.

Follow the doctors’ instructions, maintain a proper diet and try to be hydrated. With constancy and good habits, your hair will shine again like before. Today we discussed in this article about Best 6 Indian food for healthy hair.



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