Health Benefits of drinking Olive Oil before bed

advantages and disadvantages of olive oil for hair

Extra virgin olive oil is much more than just a cooking ingredient. It is a basic pillar in the healthy Mediterranean diet, but in addition to having numerous nutritional properties. It also has important medicinal properties that we can benefit from if we ingest it last. we are going to talk in this article about benefits of drinking olive oil before bed

Best 3 benefits of drinking olive oil before bed

Perhaps to lives have been used for beauty protection for a long time. Olive oil is used not only for skin care. but also for hair and even as a make-up ingredient. Spanish researchers have found that the use of olive oil in food prevents colon cancer. Other researchers have suggested that it also acts as a pain killer.

1. Improves digestion

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is composed of acids that are healthy for the body.

The healthy acids go directly to the intestine, in charge of absorbing the fats and transforming them through enzymes in charge of digestion. Later, these fats must be dissolved by bile salts. So the digestion process will be influenced by the type of fatty acids there are.

2. Helps lose weight

In addition to facilitating digestion, taking Extra Virgin Olive Oil before going to sleep reduces the feeling of hunger, which at night is good to avoid lying down on a heavy stomach. Thus, it generates a feeling of satiety in the brain, reducing hunger and avoiding eating more food than necessary.

3. Nourishes the skin

At night the skin works intensively to repair the damage suffered throughout the day. So all experts always recommend nourishing it before going to sleep so that the cream or oil performs its functions while we sleep. Well, if we talk about olive oil, the Same thing happens.

Just by putting a few drops of olive oil on your face or face before bed you will enjoy a feeling of nutrition due to the Vitamin E that the oil generates. With your hands, we apply them to your forehead, cheeks and chin; then massage lightly to activate circulation.

If you are one of those who shower before bed, take advantage and pour a few drops of oil. Your body will absorb it better and you will notice the difference the next morning. Your skin will be thinner and softer.

Now, you know, you already know the benefits of taking olive oil at night. Incorporate it into your life and your health will thank you.

How to take olive oil on an empty stomach

According to said Predimed study, originally published in 2013 in The New England Journal of Medicine. It is recommended to take about 40 ml a day of extra virgin olive oil. Currently there is no scientific study that supports the theory that taking it on an empty stomach (on an empty stomach) enhances its benefits. But if we do, the ideal would be to take it in a tablespoon. which represents approximately 5 ml. So, taking 8 tablespoons of olive oil spread throughout the day, before or during meals, we will be covering the recommended daily dose.

It is important that it is an extra virgin of the highest quality. Since it contains a higher concentration of polyphenols and natural antioxidants. In addition, the bitter and spicy touch of a good olive juice with a high content of these micronutrients, counteracts the smooth texture of this wonderful monounsaturated fat, and makes this tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach a true natural pleasure for the senses.

Does taking olive oil and lemon have superpowers?

Another home remedy that many followers of natural medicine apply, is to drink a good glass of lemon water every morning when you wake up, which supposedly adds anti-bacterial and immunological powers. Others even prepare a concoction on an empty stomach with olive oil, lemon juice and hot water; a warm tea with super powers. It seems sensible to think that adding the properties of both ingredients. we obtain an even more powerful and tasty antidote to detoxify the body, stimulate the gallbladder (and thus expel stones), lose weight and improve the functioning of the digestive system. But once again it seems that the thing does not work like this, at least for the moment, there is no study or scientific evidence to corroborate this miracle.

Today we discussed in this article about benefits of drinking olive oil before bed



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