7 herbs to help you quit smoking


Multiple studies have shown that tobacco use is harmful to the body, there is no part of the body where tobacco does not have harmful effects. Many people want to quit smoking but can’t. It becomes intoxicating. However, some natural ingredients are great for quitting the bad habit of smoking.

Ginger, Mango, Turmeric:

You can mix ginger, mango and turmeric together and make small balls and eat them. One month it will work to reduce the interest in smoking.


It goes without saying that there is no alternative to oats for quitting smoking. In this case, mix 1 teaspoon of oats with 2 cups of hot water and leave it overnight. The next morning, boil the water again and drink it after breakfast. Doing this every day will start to get rid of nicotine and all other toxic substances present in the body. At the same time, the desire to smoke cigarettes will also decrease.


Cinnamon helps to keep you free from smoking addiction. When addicted to smoking or other tobacco, take a piece of cinnamon. Start chewing it. This will help you to stop smoking.

Mint leaves:

Chewing mint leaves also helps reduce tobacco intake. Chew 2-3 mint leaves every morning and night.

Horse odor:

Horse odor is quite effective in removing toxins from the body. It helps relieve anxiety and reduces tobacco addiction. Eating 450 mg to 2 g of horseradish root powder will give good results.


Mix a little pepper in a glass of water and drink that water to reduce the desire to smoke. With that the lungs also became stronger. By the way, if you don’t want to eat black pepper in water, you can eat it with food. The same benefits will match.

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The first symptom that appears after quitting smoking is dizziness. Ginger is very useful in reducing the incidence of such symptoms. Not only that, this natural ingredient also plays a special role in healing the wounds caused by cigarettes inside the body. So from now on, whenever you want to smoke, you will throw a piece of ginger in your mouth. You will see the results will match.

How to quit smoking naturally

* Whenever you want to smoke, you should chew 5/6 basil leaves. Or take 3/4 drops of Tulsi Drops on the tongue. Then one cup of green tea must be eaten. Do not give milk. You can mix a little sugar.

* Chew a clove of garlic or 2/3 clove of ordinary garlic in the morning on an empty stomach and eat a cup of green tea.

Then when the urge to smoke awakens, then eat green tea.

* Another provision: take a piece of lemon or paper lemon or gondramebu, add a little salt and heat it on a low flame, the juice should be dripping on the tongue — whenever you want to smoke.

* When you wake up wanting to eat cannabis, chew a piece of guava. Then put a piece of hartaki in the mouth.

* Whenever you want to smoke, suck an orange and eat it.

* Whenever intoxication arouses the mind after quitting smoking, eat a cup of green tea and put a piece of hartaki in the mouth as a mouthwash.

* You can use it all day as a mouthwash – hartaki, licorice and red beetroot pieces, ginger, slippery, chilli powder, cloves etc.

* After quitting, if you want to smoke, you can eat a white drink with lime, a little betel nut and fried coriander, fried cloves.



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