4 home remedies to prevent gray hair!

home remedies for dandruff
home remedies for dandruff

When the hair lacks enough protein, the hair begins to mature. Hair color pigment cells maintain the normal color of each hair from the beginning of the hair. But with age, the pigment cells in the hair begin to die and the color of the hair changes one by one. And so gradually all the hair changes from black to gray or completely white. In general, premature hair loss is associated with aging, but premature hair loss is now more common. If your parents have a history of premature hair ripening, your hair is also more likely to ripen prematurely. Many people think that if mature hair is removed from the roots, it will not grow anymore. This is a deadly misconception.

Advice to prevent gray hair

(1) Amla

Amla acts as an antidote for mature hair. Those whose hair is falling out will also get good benefits from bureaucracy. Amla Bet will get quick results by regular massage at the base of the hair.

(2) Coconut oil and lemon juice to stop mature hair

Mix lemon juice with coconut oil and massage it on the scalp for at least 15 minutes. There is evidence that using this method, even at the age of 60-70 years, many people have curly black hair!

(3) Lemon juice and castor oil to stop mature hair

Mix the castor oil well with the lemon juice until foam forms in the bubbles. Add henna to it. Apply the mixture evenly all over the head. After one hour, wash your head with Shikakai shampoo. This will reduce the hair ripening a lot.

(4) Color tea and salt

Take a cup of strong colored tea. Mix one teaspoon of salt with it. After cooling, collect the bottom of the tea and apply it on the hair roots. After one hour, clean the hair with cold water. However, do not clean the hair with shampoo. It can be the opposite of hit!

Proper hair color, type, smoothness and density depend on proper nutrition and care. And so use a conditioner and shampoo that adapts easily to your hair. Do not use sodium lauryl sulfate alkaline shampoo or conditioner. Such harmful ingredients will make your hair rough.

Use a conditioner that will increase the moisture in your hair. However, do not use conditioner frequently. This will increase the amount of grease on your scalp which increases the amount of dandruff on the scalp. Regular head massage will increase blood circulation to the skin which will ensure proper growth of your hair.


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