16 effective foods to keep constipation away

effective foods to keep constipation away
effective foods to keep constipation away

16 effective foods to keep constipation away

Although we don’t want to discuss constipation with anyone, we know that most people suffer from constipation at some age. However, the problem of constipation is not very serious if its treatment can be done very quickly. If not, the chances of getting piles increase. So be careful everyone. And the big thing is that if you treat constipation at home, it works better than medicine. You can get rid of this problem just by eating some food. So today, get a list of all the great foods that will keep the problem of constipation away forever. Put these foods on your daily diet and stay healthy.

1. Coffee:

Most people drink coffee to get rid of the feeling of sleep, but it is also beneficial for other reasons. In some cases it helps to soften the stomach. However, do not drink extra coffee to relieve constipation, as it can cause diarrhea. It is better not to drink more than 2-3 cups.

2. Water:

In most cases, constipation is caused by the body not getting enough water. Drink enough water for this reason. Water is especially important when you are exercising or spending a lot of time outside in the heat.

3. Orange

No, not the juice. Instead, try to eat the whole orange fruit. It contains a lot of fiber. Not only that, but a 2006 study found that an ingredient in oranges called naringenin helps relieve constipation.

4. Popcorn

Popcorn is not on the list of healthy foods. But it has a lot of fiber. That is why it can help you. But be careful not to eat fatty popcorn filled with butter. If you need to make a very simple popcorn at home.

5. Red rice

Each cup of red rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber. In addition, it is more nutritious than ordinary white rice. You can also eat various whole grains.
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6. Spinach

No, don’t eat raw. One cup of boiled spinach contains four grams of fiber. It also contains more than 150 mg of magnesium, which helps reduce constipation.

8. Almond oil:
Almond oil is especially effective in relieving constipation. The laxative effect of almonds accelerates digestion and relieves constipation. It is possible to get a quick solution to the problem by mixing 2 tablespoons of almond oil in 1 glass of milk every night.

9. Guava:
Guava is not a pair to lose weight, relieve constipation and increase the taste in the mouth. So those who are suffering from stomach problems can eat it without any hesitation.

10. Apples:
Apple peel contains soluble and insoluble fiber which is especially effective in digesting food. Apple pectin also ensures proper functioning of the digestive tract. For best results, eat at least 1 apple a day on an empty stomach.

11. Banana:
Bananas contain a lot of fiber which relieves constipation. And its potassium enhances the performance of the large intestine and small intestine.

12. Carrots:

This very tasty vegetable is a good source of processed dietary fiber. 6 pieces of carrots of only half an inch contain about 1.2 grams of fiber. The habit of eating carrots every day will keep the problem of constipation away forever.

13. Cucumber:
Most of the cucumbers are made with water, and the dietary fiber in cucumbers makes cucumbers an antidote to constipation. The habit of eating cucumber regularly is also able to overcome the problem of long-term constipation.

14. Orange:
Oranges rich in high levels of fiber play a special role in relieving constipation. The habit of eating one or two oranges before going to bed at night will eliminate the problem of constipation.

15. Tokadaih

The probiotic properties of tokadai are helpful in overcoming your digestive problems. Regular consumption of tokadai will make you less likely to have constipation.

16. Isupagulera bhusih

Almost everyone knows that isupagulera is mixed with water to cure constipation. But you have to eat according to the rules. Many people soak isupgul bran in water and eat it later. It does not actually benefit. Rather, it should be eaten immediately with water.



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