10 tips for Using dark lipstick on the lips

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In my opinion, applying dark lipstick changes the whole look. It doesn’t take anything else. When makeup artists apply lipstick perfectly on Instagram, it looks very beautiful. But as soon as you apply lipstick it spreads, the lining is not right and the dark color does not shine nicely. As a result, regrets remain. There are also many who want to apply lipstick of a little dark color on their lips, but can’t carry it due to lack of confidence. So in this article I will give you some tips to use dark lipstick on your lips through which dark lipstick will shine on your lips and you will be able to carry it perfectly.

Some tips for using dark lipstick on the lips

(1) Before applying dark lipstick, both the lips should be prepared. If the lips have dead skin, wrinkles, but the lipstick will not shine well and will look ugly. So first you have to scrub the lips with a lip scrubber. If you have wrinkles on your lips, you can apply any hydrating lip primer.

(2) If there is pigmentation on the lips, apply a little bit of any foundation or concealer on the lips. This will cover the pigmentation and the color of the lipstick will come out perfectly.

(3) Then let’s choose lipstick. But this is a very important issue. Always choose a lipstick that is very pigmented in case of dark color. Liquid lipsticks can be your friend in this case. And in terms of color, choose any dark color like brown, burgundy, red, purple, plum etc. according to your mood.

(4) Now it’s your turn to apply lipstick. If you use liquid lipstick, it comes with Wand. However, if you want to apply normal lipstick, use a lip brush. First outline the lips with a wand or brush. Then apply lipstick on the whole lip.

(5) Once the lipstick has been applied to the whole lip, outline the lip again with a lip liner of a color that matches the color of the lipstick. Lipliner again after applying lipstick, it sounds a little strange, but with it, if the line of your lipstick becomes thicker, you can correct it. This will give your lips a defined look.

(6) Dark lipstick looks good on matte lips. So it is better not to use lip gloss. Moreover, it can spread and ruin the whole look. However, if you want to give privately, you can apply a thin consistency lipgloss to the middle of the lips.

(7) If you apply dark lipstick, it will be better if you keep the whole makeup look simple without keeping it bold and the lipstick will look beautiful. So try to create a soft look by keeping everything minimal.

(8) When applying dark lipstick, do not forget to apply bronzer and highlighter on the face. It will add a glow to the face and will look good.

(9) There are many people who like dark lipstick but do not dare to apply. Umbre Luke could be the ideal friend for them. In this case, first apply a lipstick of dark color, then apply a light color on top of it. Remember, do not apply the light color to the whole lip. Apply only in the middle of the lips. Then blend the two colors with the help of lip brush / finger.

(10) Check your teeth before leaving the house. Dark colored lipstick sticks to the teeth but looks ridiculous and weird.

Here are some tips on dark lipstick. For one thing, don’t worry about what others think of your dark lipstick. If you feel confident reading this, then you will feel beautiful.


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