10 excellent foods for healthy teeth

healthy teeth

For a beautiful smile you must have beautiful white ,healthy teeth. We eat a variety of healthy, unhealthy foods with our teeth from morning to evening. However, since we do not have food restrictions, it is important for us to take proper dental care. Here are some nice foods that will give you sparkling white and stiff teeth.

1) Water:

Water is the best readily available ingredient in the world for maintaining your overall well-being. It is also very good for teeth, because it provides us with certain minerals for our teeth. Water is a very important component of saliva and hydrates the gums.

2) Milk

Calcium is needed to make teeth strong and sturdy, and it is a well-known fact that dairy products are the best source of calcium. In addition to calcium, milk also contains lots of vitamin D and phosphate, which help repair tooth enamel.

3) Cheese:

A piece of cheese after every meal is very good for oral health. It causes saliva in the mouth, which prevents the effects of acid.

4) Tea

Green or black, both types of tea are excellent for oral health. Tea contains polyphenols and catechins, which not only fight tooth decay, but also cause plaque caused by bacteria.

5) Almonds

Different types of crushed nuts that can give you a huge store of nutrients, such as cashews, walnuts, raisins, peanuts, etc., are rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins. SB is quite effective in maintaining oral health.

6) Yogurt

here are many benefits of yogurt for dental health. Because the beneficial bacteria in yogurt play a very good role for our teeth. Eating a cup of yogurt every day before or after a meal is very good for our teeth. In addition, the teeth will get the necessary calcium and protein nutrition.
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7) Black chocolate

Many people will be surprised to hear about chocolate. Because we know that chocolate is one of the main causes of tooth decay in childhood. But many studies have found that dark chocolate is good for our dental health. Tannin in black chocolate prevents tooth decay and increases blood circulation.

8) Apple:

Apples play a very effective role in creating saliva in our mouth, which helps to prevent the formation of tooth cavities. It is best to eat an apple at night after a meal, as it erodes and cleans the food particles stored inside the teeth.

9) Mushrooms:

We all know calcium is very good for our teeth. Vitamin D in mushrooms helps absorb calcium suitable for hard and plaque-free teeth.

10) Orange

We all know that oranges are rich in vitamin C. The natural acid of orange helps us to brush and floss our teeth.

So in conclusion, there is no substitute for beautiful teeth to enliven your personality. So we need to keep the above mentioned foods in our daily diet list for dental care


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