10 easy tips to make nails beautiful

make nails beautiful
make nails beautiful

If your natural nails look shiny white and attractive, then why need more nail polish? We use nail polish to make our nails look beautiful, don’t we? Yes, you can keep your nails eye-catching in addition to nail polish if you want.

Learn 10 great simple tips.

1) Eggs, milk, meat, etc. Eat protein and calcium rich foods routinely. Not only nails, skin and hair will be good.

2) Do not let too much nail polish or remover come in contact with the nails. These ruin the nails.

3) Those who regularly cook, they will rub their nails with a slice of lemon. It will not have yellow spots on the nails.

4) Massage the oil on the nails every day. From coconut oil to almond oil or olive oil, anything will work.

5) Always protect the nails. Wear gloves in the cold winter, do not take your nails in extreme heat, do not try to open or take anything out with your nails.

6) Do not use hand sanitizer too much, it destroys the nails.

7) Keep your nails clean by rubbing with a small brush every day.

8) Once a month pedicure-manicure in the parlor.

9) If the nails are more brittle, do not cut the eye shape. It will break down quickly.

10) If the nails are too thin, apply Vaseline every night while sleeping.

Do whatever it takes to enhance the beauty of the hands and get beautiful nails

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. But whenever he raised his hand, seeing the type of his nails gave birth to a positive idea turned into a negative one. Her dirty and pale nails bear the mark of carelessness and ignorance. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also unhealthy.
The same goes for toenails. Neglecting its care is enough to weaken your personality. So just as important as your face and skin care, you also need to pay enough attention to the nails. And for this, take a look at what you can do to get attractive beautiful nails.

1 / It is possible to take proper nail care if you know about the type. This reduces the chances of damage. Different types of care are required for brittle, dry, soft and normal nails. For dry nails, massage olive oil at least once a day. Fragile nails need special care due to lack of moisturizer. So use moisturizer lotion for this type of nail care. Many people cannot keep their nails due to lack of calcium and high moisturizer in soft nails. So owners of soft nails will stay a little away from the water. Do not put too much water on the nails.

2 / You have to give up the use of nails everywhere. You have to leave the tin can open, the level raised on the can, the nails pierced anywhere, etc.

3 / Usually kidney or thyroid problems, lack of nutrition, iron or other minerals increase the fragility of nails. He must take proper medical care.

4 / Reduce the use of water on the nails to keep the nails good. Stay away from using water for daily household chores. Use gloves if necessary.

5 / To maintain the moisture of the nails should use a good brand cuticle oil. Applying olive oil on the nails before going to bed at night makes the nails hard and bright.

6 / Applying Vaseline on the nails after bathing will protect the wet nails.

7 / Excess nail polish or remover should be avoided. This increases the fragility of the nails.

8 / In case of nail shape, it is better to avoid square shape. The nails break quickly.

9 / Be very careful while filing after cutting the nails. Because of the slightest mistake in the nail file, there is a possibility of cracking the nails. It also causes a lot of damage to the nails. Always try to file nails in the same direction.

10 / Many people have bad habits like biting nails. This work is much more harmful for the nails. When you bite your nails, its shape becomes rough. Then it looks very awkward to see the hand. So get rid of the bad habit of biting your nails.

These foods keep nails healthy. These are-

Fish in front
Coconut oil

Eating more vitamin and protein rich foods such as dairy foods, fruits, dried fruits and green vegetables will keep the nails soft, smooth and bright along with the body.

6 more tips:

Break nails easily

Many fingernails and toenails can be broken easily. Especially when working in the kitchen, the tendency to break nails is more noticeable. If the nails break easily, you should understand that your body lacks vitamins and minerals. People who are on a long-term diet to lose weight are deficient in vitamins, which can lead to broken nails.

To solve this problem you can take vitamin medicine as advised by a doctor. And it is very important to eat nutritious food regularly. Gelatin is also very good for nails. Mix one tablespoon of gelatin in lukewarm water. When it is cold, mix it with any fruit juice and eat it. If you follow it for a while, you will get benefits.

Nail cleaning

It is very easy to keep nails clean. Use a good quality handwash for this. Gently clean the dirt on the fingernails. Do not apply too much pressure. A lot of the time in daily work the nails and the skin around it go after the stain. Dip your hands in a few drops of lemon juice in warm water to remove these stains. Lemon juice will also remove stains and enhance the beauty of your nails. Rub with a cotton cloth with soapy water to clean the toenails. Nails should be cleaned twice a day to retain this beauty.
Manicure-pedicure should also be done once a week.

The softness of the nails

After cleaning the nails, clean the water that has accumulated on the nails with a towel. If water accumulates in the nails, it can cause infection. Now apply a good quality moisturizing cream on the toenails and massage it on the nails and the surrounding skin. This will keep the skin around your nails soft. You can use olive oil, almond or castor oil for your fingernails.

Nail health

Your beautiful nails reveal your personality and good health. If the nails are soft, smooth and pink then it means that your body is also healthy. Broken, faded and stained nails carry signs of any disease or physical imbalance. Eating more vitamin and protein rich foods such as dairy foods, fruits, dried fruits and green vegetables will keep the nails soft, smooth and bright along with the body.
Yellowing of nails

If nail polish is applied continuously on the nails of the hands and feet for some time, the color of the nails becomes yellow. This is usually due to a fungal infection. In addition, the nails may be yellow even if the hands are yellow during cooking, and that is not easy. To solve this problem, rub a lemon in half on the nails, the yellowing of the nails will go away. You can also break the vitamin E capsule and apply it on the nails. It improves blood circulation. As a result, there will be no spots on the nails and the yellow feeling will go away.

Fungal infections of the nails can be caused by a number of reasons. Fungal infections of the nails are mainly due to dust and dirt. In addition, even if dirt accumulates inside the nails for a long time, various fungal infections can occur. To solve this problem, it is important to keep the nails clean first. If there is an infection in the nails, do not apply nail polish. Because it will increase the problem. And of course you have to take anti-fungal drugs and vitamins as advised by the doctor.



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